BlackBerry Also Likes The Keyboard Type 2

We are going to get in position, Typo Keyboard is a accessory for iPhone with a physical keyboard, is added to the style BlackBerry. The design of the keys was never taste of the Canadian company, so that led their creators to courts, defeating temporarily the creators of the singular housing.

“Supporting” the project is Ryan Seacrest, a star of television and American radio, which gave great visibility to the project. His company loved keyboard BlackBerry, but from there to put on a Q10 in an accessory, there is a stretch. Having lost in court, and paid far, decided to make a Typo2.

A Typo2 who also happens to be the satisfaction of BlackBerry, so it has returned them to sue, arguing that it is still a copy of the “iconic” keyboard of the Canadian company. Among the tests, BlackBerry includes analysis of third-party in which is says in the same line, the influence of your keyboard is – still – too-clear.

On the left you have the new design introduced in Typo2

It is not just a question of image, it is that Typo2 also dares to use resources that BlackBerry is patented. Details are not given, but they have to do with technologies for automation of writing, design and layout of keys, backlighting, etc..

As we shall see in what remains the case, but seen the precedents, very possibly back to stop the sale of the product type, and compensation are carried by the copy. By the way, has a price of one $ 100.