BlackBerry Classic Begins Its Commercial Life in December, Will Cost 450 Dollars

Yesterday afternoon she was moved in BlackBerry themes, but nothing that I had to do with terminals, as it is the case that concerns us. After Passport, the following had to get was BlackBerry Classic.

In both cases we knew almost everything, between leaks and official information, we’ve been learning before their placing on the market. But we wanted to know an important detail, the price of the Classic model.

We already know it, since the call to be successor to BlackBerry Bold – at least – the essence of the firm, will have a price of $450 in the North American countries launches.

The phase of reservations It has already begun, with the promise that those interested have your BlackBerry Classic in hand in the middle of the month of December -day 17 to be exact. It’s free price, unrelated to any operator.

It seems to us to be a little high, and not because the model is not worth it, its qualities and specifications are very good, but right now BlackBerry needs something that makes it attractive, and might well have been in the price.

It is something that also happened with Passport, but in this case did not seem so necessary when it comes from a different terminal, stop range. Classic is set to be the resurrection of the QWERTY keyboard, of BlackBerry philosophy.

Classic has a more conventional size Passport, sharing with her the system BlackBerry 10, and it has a simpler keyboard, touchpad. The screen down to the 3.5-inch (720 x 720 pixels), we have 8 megapixel camera, 16GB of memory, and chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus.