BlackBerry Goes for All with a Luxurious Edition of Your Passport: The Gold Edition

BlackBerry needed to appeal to their followers and users who prefer smartphones with physical keyboard to retake the course, and it seems that passport has successful. Shortly after the official presentation of the 24 September, John Chen, CEO of the Canadian company, announced that they had exhausted not only the stock of his own shop online, but also that of Amazon, clear indications that the reception of the terminal has been good.

This positive reception is probably which has caused is already «in the oven» a most luxurious Edition Passport, which you can see in the photographs that illustrate the post. The images have not been published officially by BlackBerry, but too believable so that it could be a hoax. There is also a precedent that allows us to accept the existence of this model: Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9981 Gold.

The question we can ask ourselves now, and whose response still do not know, is if this model with gold finish (that Yes, is not so overly luxurious like the Porsche Design P’9981 Gold) is being manufactured by the own BlackBerry or ‘tuned’ by another company. Although it has not too much importance. Is clear that this phone It is not intended for the general public, but for users who like to differentiate themselves, and, moreover, they are willing to pay for it. Probably will not take much to have more news of this mobile.