BlackBerry Goes Shopping: Up to 150 Million Dollars Per WatchDox, More Security for BES12

BlackBerry already do not take as many mobile as they sound past – campaigns that your next phone will be Oslo – but it is still active. The last movement is a purchase, a great investment: they have bought WatchDox, a company related to the security of files on the Internet.

The amount, as they recounted in TechCrunch, would amount to an unspecified amount between 100 and 150 million dollars that BlackBerry would be done with current 100 workers of WatchDox services, as well as of course its centered services in provide greater security to communications and file transfers.

BlackBerry will integrate the catalogue of products of WatchDox (various security protocols, solutions DRM) in its current service header, BES12, purely focused on the professional market which tend to be more suspicious users with their data. The details of how it will proceed to the integration still not have been revealed, though of course will not be an immediate transition If not a process that will last several months.

The reorientation of BlackBerry

In recent months we are seeing how BlackBerry is refocusing on the market, aside from end devices – market in which formerly were pointers, they are now almost disappeared completely – to focus on purely professional solutions.

They want their services to offer great security for privacy of the information that moves, and that is where makes sense the purchase of WatchDox that, remember, it is not the only great movement of BlackBerry: a few months ago announced a partnership with Samsung to carry KNOX BES12.