BlackBerry Is Considering Closing Its Offices in Sweden, Says Reuters

For now it seems a trivial news item, but that surprised anyone if it then triggers a series of important decisions for the company. The origin is the Reuters Agency, who They ensure that Blackberry is considering closing its offices in Sweden.

According to the statement from the Agency, this closure would mean the dismissal of some 100 people working in the Nordic country. An anonymous caller who have contacted ensures that the process has already been initiated, and the Canadian company is currently in talks with workers to start the negotiations of the dismissals.

At first seems a timid movement, away from our more normal field. It reminds us the decision of Motorola closed its offices in Spain, happened in September 2012; After that movement and a few months later, Motorola is one of the most powerful companies in the smartphone market in Spain, with some of the most important best sellers as the G bike or Moto E, already their second generations.

Motorola re-emerged with force, but we must recognize that it is a very different from the Blackberry company profile. The Canadian is just doing launches of new smartphones – the last Leap, but the most important is the Passport – and seems more focused software and services than on devices. In Sweden seems to have begun already, and now the question is to know if it will get close in other countries and, above all, What will be the implications of all this for your future.