BlackBerry Leap in the Test

The BlackBerry leap revealed the facilities of the 30 top model in the test and is yet to have less than 300 euros.

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Who think of BlackBerry, think of phones with keyboard. Finally, the Canadians with keyboard reinforced mail machines are grown, long before the Smartphone wave. Today is the last serious manufacturer who builds more smartphones with mechanical keyboard, BlackBerry, but no longer passes also BlackBerry on the touchscreen trend since late 2008. With the leap, there is now a new BlackBerry, which looks like a normal smartphone – at a price of 289 euros, which is auspicious for BlackBerry conditions.

Proven technology

The hardware of the leap is based on the touchscreen model Z30, BlackBerry has been only on a few details. So, the display now in TFT – instead of OLED technology is running, what does not detract from the quality of the angle-stable 5-inch display with 1280 x 720 pixels. Thanks to its brightness increased from 185 to 500 cd/m2, the leap display is clearly Sun compatible.

NFC, a micro-HDMI output, fell the red pencil to the victim, however, WI-FI in the 5 GHz band and the gyro – magnetic sensors. This relatively easy Painful omissions change nothing on the facts that the leap is well equipped – finally LTE, 16 gigabytes of memory, of which 10 GB are available, the option for memory expansion Microsd and much more on board. The 8-megapixel camera represents the perhaps its clearest cut high somewhat lagging behind the standard.

Heavy case

Something large and heavy, but very robust plastic casing that lies with its non-slip surface and ribbing pleasantly in your hand is confidence inspiring. The solid handle creates the best conditions for writing. Long texts can easily be touch thanks to the proactive and are appropriate to the writing style virtual keyboard. Here proves that BlackBerry also has a lot to offer touch screen and want to target business users and prolific writer. The user interface is aimed in this direction: it offers no ultimate intuitive, but is rather good for a flexible and effective way of working.

App lovers should know that they can expect here is not quite the size of Android and iOS. After all, you can download apps with the leap not only from the Blackberry World, but also from the Amazon app store, creating gaps.

Excellent hardware

The hardware is top: In typical operation, the leap holds through more than six and a half hours. Permanent telephones can count up to 20 hours of talk time with between just under eight (UMTS). The acoustics on the phone is good to very good, quite complex suppression of ambient noise for the call from pubs manages the leap better than most other smartphones.

The radio characteristics of the leap meet our high criteria of quality even to 100 percent, which brings him the highest score for GSM, UMTS, and LTE. Thus, the conditions are ideal, to undisturbed calls and surf as.

Who switches like to relax after work, will appreciate the great headphones, connects the broadband ultra-linear frequency response with minimal errors by noise and distortion.

Conclusion: Good and cheap

Over 400 points for under 300 euros – the leap is a bargain under the brand phones. The customer gets a Smartphone that supports him at all times competent with the new BlackBerry.