BlackBerry Loses 148 Billion in The Third Quarter, Following The Fight

BlackBerry financial results have not been too encouraging in the two previous quarters, but it is clear that the situation is significantly better than what you might expect from a company that many were dead a year ago.

Things are more or less the same after the presentation of results for the third fiscal quarter, in which the company has had some net of $ 148 million loss: revenues were reduced, again, because of the lower number of smartphones sold.

Revenue was 793 million dollars compared to the estimate of the analysts, which placed them at 931 million dollars. Last year at this point entered 1,190 million dollars, and the drop in income was due to the aforementioned reduction in the number of smartphones sold: 1.9 million compared to 2.1 million in the same quarter of a year ago.

The firm takes time trying to turn the tide, and has in fact done interesting efforts both in the software section (BBM, but also business solutions) as in the hardware, with models like the BlackBerry Passport and especially the BlackBerry Classic that according to John Chen, CEO of the company, are geared to attract loyal business customers. We’ll see if that impact can be seen in the next financial results.