BlackBerry Oslo Exists and Looks So Good

On the existence of a BlackBerry Oslo I have already spoken a few weeks ago, but until today we had not had photos that meet conditions to the terminal. It’s a new high-end model, that could well replace a Passport.

BlackBerry is not very prolific in completing them lately, although it has not been a company have a very extensive catalog, now more that you never have to measure their steps either before the little acceptance that are having. Glad to see that there is life, and we also like the optimism of its CEO, but it is also the location for parties.

BlackBerry Oslo will be a phone with QWERTY keyboard -of three rows-, following the steps of Passport and most terminals of success of Canadian House. Among its expected specifications we turn to find a screen with high resolution, 1,440 x 1,440 pixels.

We also like to know that the heart of the creature is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, accompanied either by 3GB of RAM and a generous battery of 3. 450mAh. The main camera will be 13 megapixel.

Variant which let us see is related to the AT & T operator, and it is rumored that it will be presented next 30 June. In addition to United States, it is expected in some European and Asian countries.

What we see in the pictures, I like, I liked the look of the Passport to appear on the market. BlackBerry print quality and personality in creations like this, but it has complicated to draw the attention of those who went to other platforms. The CEO considers that it is necessary to continue doing telephone services need Terminal to operate.

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