BlackBerry Passport, The Information

Although in the case of a formal presentation to the BlackBerry Passport already own the Canadian company CEO had taught her, and days later have met their specifications, and also the particularities of its physical keyboard.

There was little which rely on the largest and the BlackBerry square, but we will try to sort out the information, and tell what had not yet counted.

It’s here, the new BlackBerry has been presented in an event that has taken place in different places of the planet: Toronto, London, and Dubai. Is what you deserve new high-end enterprise product, designed and oriented to be productive in the Business field, reminding us of times past on BlackBerry.

QWERTY keyboard and touch

This sort of thing is better to watch them running, but the novelty on the BlackBerry keyboard lies in join the physical keys, with a touch surface on them. Allow us to perform movements of courses and screen, or gestures to perform specific actions:

In short, as if we had a trackpad laptop on the BlackBerry keyboard. In this way we don’t touch the screen to perform many actions, and have a clearer vision of what we are doing.

In terms of operating system, then it will be the first to arrive with BlackBerry OS 10.3 series, with new features such as BlackBerry Assistant, that it opens the way to the assistance of voice on the platform. As in Siri or his namesake in Android, it allows us to make searches, reminders, make calls, etc..

Square and large screen

The screen and the keyboard end conditioning special Passport forms, time will tell if they have been successful with this, but it is certainly different to what we have in the market. The size is of 4.5 inch, that may seem little, but his square format makes it quite forceful.

If they accompany you a quite high resolution, 1,440 x 1,440 pixels -453 PPI-, gives us a work surface large enough, also benefit seen by tactile keyboard opportunities, leaving it more free.

BlackBerry boasts that may represent – standard size – 60 characters per line in a Passport, whereas a phone like iPhone, stays in 33 characters.

Android applications

It is a possibility that we know, but it is interesting to see how there are two different tents installed in series. One logically is BlackBerry World, while the second is which opens the way to the Android development, and is Amazon Appstore.

Other phones that are upgraded to BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 – will be Z10, Z30, Q5 and Q10-, will receive the same news as shops.

Another new feature in the software is BlackBerry Blend, It enables us to be able to access our mail and BlackBerry documents on other devices. From iPad, Android tablet, Windows PC or Mac, all of them connected to Passport via USB, WiFi or data network.

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Technical specifications

We anticipate them a few days ago, here we were quite satisfied with what offers us the phone, and will give you good life as BlackBerry work well optimization. We have a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon family 800 running at 2, 2 GHz, accompanied of 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal memory, which is expandable through microSD cards.

Account or the Chambers, as you have 13 megapixels with optical stabilization and ability to record video in format 4K. The Passport battery is 3. 450mAh, which gives you a life of 30 hours in normal use, according to BlackBerry.

Passport, telephone and high-range price

The BlackBerry Passport is a high-end, qualities and specifications terminal, and happens to be the most capable phone in the catalog. We believe that the $600 they ask for the free terminal is a high price to differentiate themselves from the competition, we will see what such behave when it comes to our market.

For one thing, we know that in Germany or France are going to ask 650 EUR by it, which will be will have in Spain. Is the wait in stores before the end of the year.

For fans who do not like the size and proportions of Passport, either not the budget, get them the Canadian company has prepared the Classic model, which shares the philosophy of product and company, but in a more accessible format.