BlackBerry Screen in Passport Size, Boasts Two New Colors Appear

Appeared after the Classic, it became us clear the price would not be a factor for purchase in the new product offering BlackBerry. In the higher range we have a Passport, designed to the professional world, with its screen as main attraction.

We have seen several times to the BlackBerry Passport running, and we like to see which orientation you want to give the Canadian company to the product. That sort of thing found it easily in commercial actions. In recent days they are launching ads where they want highlight the display above that of other products.

I have not had the chance to try it, but it seems clear that creating a device so wide, with a screen so large and square, also may have its benefits, if you take advantage. BlackBerry highlights this aspect with a play on words that tries to stall in the public, “Work wide”:

We remind you that Passport screen is 4.5 inches, completely square, as it marks its resolution of 1,440 x 1,440 pixels. As we would have to see in the videos, we see more of the map, or do not have to make so many trips screen. Do you think enough would consider that we lose in ergonomics??

Taking advantage of that we speak of the bumper range of House, it is interesting to know that it will expand its offer with new colorful. In Canada now you can book – available December 7 – the model White and Red. The price will be slightly higher than the black model, 622 dollars, which in coming days will be part of powerful campaigns in the Black Friday.