Bling Bling at HTC

We can what can Apple and Samsung, but especially the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC thought well and presented its flagship HTC one in gold. The model was but not messy, but bigger: the HTC one is covered with 18-karat fcxi real gold!

Together with the founder of the provider gold genius, Laban roomers, specialising in the finishing of smartphones, HTC introduced a strictly limited Gold Special Edition of the HTC one, with 18-karat fcxi gold is refined and converted 3250 euro. Technically, the Golden one of the HTC has same features as the normal HTC one. It has a 4.7-inch full HD display, 2 GB memory and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad core processor.

It was presented the Golden HTC one on the occasion of the 18.Verleihung of the MOBO Awards, a music award for hip hop and R & B musician. The awards ceremony takes place on the 19 in the Glasgow, Scotland, you can check out so they. Hence the logo MOBO 18 is engraved with laser on the back of the Special Edition of the HTC one. Sold the Golden HTC one is not supposed to, but you can vote about who is excellent at the MOBO Awards 2013 as “best newcomer” and within the framework of the award ceremony WINS then the HTC one in gold. Makes you wonder why giving away HTC smartphones to rapper and R & B artists? Quite simply: For HTC, the thing is a great marketing campaign, brand from Taiwan for the younger buyers to increase the popularity of the Smartphone.

For all that none of the MOBO Award nominated hip hop or R & B musicians, but nonetheless absolutely want to have the HTC one in gold: The gold genius Smartphone refinement offers its own version of the Golden one of HTC, this version will cost “only” €2240 and can be purchased by you.


For anyone who isn’t on bling bling and just want an ordinary HTC one: With us you get the HTC one with a cheap mobile financing, in which you can choose the monthly rates even you.