Block-Modular Smartwatch

A few weeks ago, we reported about a Smartphone called Phoneblocks which you can replenish via different modules.

Google bought the company and now the trend spreads also to Smartwatches. With blocks, or the project of ARA, Googlewants to eliminating the purchase of new Smartwatches and offer only different modules that you can integrate into the new Smartwatch. A good idea and what looks like block, the modular Smartwatch and learn how you can share modules in the smallest space, here in this article and the accompanying video.

Block-Modular Smartwatch

If you buy a portable device such as a Smartphone or a Smartwatch, there are always parts and functions you don’t use and still paid. With blocks, the problem should be solved by the bracelet of the Smartwatch is made up of little modules to Exchange. So users only for the “block” to pay, who will use them and personally as an important find for them. The individual modules of the bracelet be plugged into each other via click System and can be replaced by others any time. The idea of modular Smartwatch remind a little of the time where trend occurred capsule coffee. Modular capsules, which more or less turn the coffee machine in the blink of an eye in a multi function device with dozens of coffees .

Module Smartwatches-Big Trend Or Just Hot Air?

The idea of modular Smartwatch is good. Already, the proof of concept was supplied with Phoneblocks. Hundreds of thousands have via crowd funding invested in the idea of modular smartphones, why should it not work so well with a Smartwatch? Rather, it will work, as soon as a good total concept is realized and the individual modules are cheap and practical. We therefore believe that the modular units in the future will become more important, and we are soon swamped by module Smartwatch and Smartphone ads. Young people could be infected by the trend of the modules. There are, after all, no better place to deal with small modules to exchange them with each other and so on the world as the schoolyard.This scenario is reminiscent of the good old games, where it has swapped with classmates to get full deck single hero, professional wrestler. Now must be the only the price, then nothing is in the way is the success of modular Smartwatchesand other devices in principle.