Blocks: Kickstarter Campaign to the First Modular Clock Has Started

Smart watches are becoming major partners of some people. However, they all come with a pre-defined pattern, scenario that promises to change with the release of Blocks – which, according to its creators, will be the first of its kind accessory allow the user to choose the pieces that you want to use.

The product page on Kickstarter reports that the owners of the item will be able to resort to five modules, such as extra battery, GPS, NFC (to make payments), heart rate meter and adventure (which measures temperature, pressure and altitude). To this end, the company responsible for the watch made partnerships with major technology companies such as Compal Electronics.

“You would need to buy a smartwatch clock each year to continue following the evolution of technology. This is the opposite of what the watches used to be [the] Blocks surpasses other smart watches for being timeless. You can improve your clock by adding new options, module by module, as they are made available, “said Alireza Tahmaseb, integrating the Group of founders of the company responsible for smart clock.

Other details about wearable smartwatches mentioned at themeparktour is that the development of main parts has been made, as well as the design of the modules (they are still in the prototype stage, and the parts that will be used in each one of them still need to be produced and tested) and the selection of the components. Android optimizations are also practically made-and this was only possible thanks to a partnership with a company that has several engineers who worked at Google.

Values and Release

In case you were interested by the idea, learn what it takes to make a donation of $195 (no fees or taxes, the equivalent of approximately 745 R$) in order to ensure unity in the basic version and without modules. Other categories have already reached the limit of offers and the cheapest package that brings some modules is $285 (which equals about 1,089 R$).

As for the deadline, is in the plans to start sending the smart watches in may 2016. The goal of the company was to obtain $250,000 with the campaign for the development of accessory, but the moment that news was published this value was slightly larger than $618,000.

If you are interested in the product, just visit this page to perform the donation. Remember, this will only be possible until 19 November.