Blu Ray External Drive Best Buy

Apple has been at the forefront to integrate a CD, then DVD recorder and player, but the constructor is never interested in Blu-Ray. This physical format is also more interesting in time where download a movie from the iTunes Store only takes a few minutes, but it has not lost its appeal. Best quality content accessible without internet connection… There’s reasons to buy Blu-Ray.

If you have several films and series in this format, you can easily find external Blu-Ray drives and prices are now very accessible. The evidence yet with this model marketed by VicTising and displayed in normal times to €60, but that you can buy for € 10 less for another few hours.

It is a reader of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray, as well as a CD and DVD burner. It allows to watch Blu – Ray 3D and it is compatible with all Mac, even if it requires reading software, OS X in being devoid. The simplest solution is to buy Mac Blu-Ray Player, which is able to read any movie and which is updated very regularly (read: Mac Blu-Ray Player Test)).

Also on sale today, this hub with three outputs USB 3.0, which is also equipped with an Ethernet port. Signed Inateck, it is displayed to €22, but you can buy it at € 16.5 during the next few hours. It is compatible OS X, although it will install drivers.

Finally, here is a hidden USB cable in… a keychain. A practical to always carry accessory, and which is also on sale on Amazon. Count only € 12 at this very moment. It should be noted that it is a certified accessory MFI, that will work perfectly for charging and syncing.