Bluetooth Headphones with NFC, ANC and Touch Control

Cooperation between the Parrot and the well-known designer Starck resulted in one of the most innovative headphones in recent years. The innovative design is just one of the features that characterize the Parrot Zik; these headphones also features: Bluetooth, touch control, app for iOS and Android, NFC, active noise reduction.

Zik Bluetooth Headset

Wireless Headset From Parrot And Starck

Charging via micro USB cable/USB you can connect to a computer or to the ticket, and it takes about 30-40 minutes depending on how much power is left. Lithium-ion 800 mAh battery is said to hold 24 hours on standby and 6 hours with playing music.

The Parrot Audio Suite app is available as a free download for iOS (also available for Android). This app does that you can see the battery level, update the firmware for the headphones and set effects and sound.

Zik Bluetooth Headset

Another important aspect of these headphones is the aforementioned bridgat or active noise reduction. touch controls is also something we have never met before on a Bluetooth headset. A simple movement up or down can change the volume while a movement forward or backward controls playback. It reacts quickly and accurately.

We have not focused as much on the design of Parrot Zik headphones but we think that the pictures speak for themselves. Starck’s work is exceptional and makes these headphones unique, both with the modern aesthetics, and elegance, as well as quality of materials. Metal and leather are perfectly combined, which gives prestige and elegance. The only downside to the beautiful materials and all the technology is that the headphones are quite heavy (more than 300 g).