Dare to trust mobile dealer? Mobile has got to the bottom of the issue and sample is mobile phones en masse. Read the results of Mobile super test by dealers here.

How much can you trust those who sell mobile phones? When mobile phones are getting more and more features and an ever higher price means a greater role for the sellers. But is the most looking to make easy money on the customers, or can you trust them? We have tested.

In the recent tests of the dealer in Mobile we have seen salespeople’s skills too often been beneath contempt, and we many times got downright mad recommendations in stores where we sample is. But in this year’s test, we’ve actually seen a trend reversal. Crazy claims about the need to “hack” a Sony Ericsson phone to sync with a pc, this type of erroneous statements have been conspicuous by their absence when we sample acted in stores this year.

The seller may be more or less assertive and have a more or less aggressive sales techniques, one can perhaps understand, as long as it doesn’t feel too strongly opinionated. Similarly, perhaps in some situations to understand that the seller is trying to guide the customer in a certain direction as long as you take care of it nicely and not try to take advantage of the customer’s lack of knowledge. But sellers who obviously don’t have a clue what they’re talking about is more difficult to swallow because it can be so totally wrong and the customer can leave the store with a product that may not only is more expensive than expected, from the beginning, but perhaps with a phone that does not at all have the features you asked for.

General it stores the weakest

Lowest level of knowledge and most ignorant responses we get when we sample is on general it dealer as an Expert, Siba and Computer City. Where notice to seller to be as much about computer printers and dvd players have a bit difficult to give sensible answers when we want to know what mobile phone can handle. The exception to the rule is Mediamarkt, where the level of knowledge of the salesperson who is responsible for mobile phones through was very high.

Specialized mobile retailers, however, are generally more proficient than the it Department. Superior in knowledge level was The Phonehouse, where sellers also helpfully tells us little more than exactly what the issue was, but still without trying to force out a purchase on a ranting basis.

Want to sell more expensive

The biggest problem our broadcast mobile buyers have encountered this year are sellers who tried to sell more expensive handsets than we indicated that we had expected. A frequent trick is to view a mobile that fits in to our wishes, but where the price is well above the range we have entered. When the price comes on the speech and our emissaries have asked for a cheaper option shows up something which is cheaper, but then takes it in the other way and choose to show up a cell that is below the price range with a good margin-as if you possibly could find a sensible purchase in the price range that we asked for.

Choosing a more expensive model, one would certainly be able to explain to the seller really believes that voters should be a better model for any reason. Then select to view a model that is much cheaper than what you said that you are prepared to pay, you might possibly do to the customer not yet again to say that a phone is too expensive. But in some places simply don’t care to mention mobiles which in any case are posted on the store’s cell wall and that fit in terms of price and features, it’s more than coincidence. For even if you don’t have the model inside of the moment should be able to talk about it and hear about the customer is willing to wait.

If the customer is misled intentionally or just because the seller has no basic knowledge is missing really important when consistency though is that you leave the store with the wrong product.

Get helpful Web stores

As a salesperson in a shop, it should always be accepted to tell the customer that you do not know the answer and to ask to come back when you have determined the. Unfortunately, it is not always so in the shops, but in much less extent seems to apply to online shops.

There is often greater opportunities to come back to a customer because you do not have a physical person in front of him who threatens to leave the store and then never returning. Yet it is surprisingly many do not consider themselves to have the time or desire to assist with queries from potential customers, but instead refers simply to the manufacturers. A very strange Setup because you yourself have taken into the products. Online retailers that actually looks to help potential and existing customers is what we premierat in our ratings here.

You would think that there is a connection between how retailers on the Web carries out customer service and how much powder you’ve posted on its Web site. And in some cases, it is true, a well functioning customer service combined with an easy to navigate website with much information, presented in an educational way. But sometimes it’s the difference between the two parts of the business.

On the whole, it is surprisingly few webshops who helps customers good. Both have an easy-to-use website, great customer service, great selection and good prices seems to be a difficult combination of online shops. Only a few succeed decently, and the online store Katshing seems like a fairly clear winner this year.

Biggest change in this year’s test, compared to previous years, is that sellers when going out shopping in physical stores provide more knowledgeable answers than in previous years. Maybe it has become necessary to ensure that vendors are better educated now as more browsing, facebookar and check mail on your phone, and the best mobile phone cameras now seriously begin to measure themselves with simple compact cameras. It feels like a step forward.

That the quality of online shops differ so much is the biggest negative conclusion. To choose where to shop just after who is cheapest at bounty hunting or Pricerunner can be smart, if you eventually must confront a badly functioning customer service. Then one can feel quite helpless. And helpless in mobile jungle is not so fun.

Click on the image for readable resolution. In the test of physical stores are weighted score for knowledge and therefore the original grading figure column» knowledge «the table multiplied by 1.5. The highest total score is thus 12.5.

Winner-retail chain of the year

Call Centre

Also this year The Phonehouse combines a very high level of knowledge with a high level of service. The Phonehouses staff also manages to keep this high level more consistent than its competitors, and therefore wins this year’s in-store test.

Click on the image for readable resolution. For online shops is a rating for website weighted by 1.5. The highest total score is thus 12.5.

Footnote: when some errors crept in in the print edition of Mobile data on or so e-mail replies as well as the total score for the corrected in this table, as well as customer service opening hours for and Mobile regrets what happened.

Winner-this year’s online store


Katshing has a clear and easy-to-navigate site is packed with information that is easy to obtain and absorb due to the search features. In combination with a well functioning customer service and reasonable prices, it will be a winning combination.