Burmester BA 31 in the Test

Not only at Burmester, the trend to the second tweeter. The new BA 31 got a second OFFICE for the back to improve airiness, spatiality and the connection to the space in conjunction with a volume adjustment. Can the ambitious ambience series also on purism tie roofed audiophile?

Burmesters new BA 31 for nearly 18,000 euros, entering the world of ambience-series, has a second, fully fledged OFFICE (air-motion transformer) on the back, which compensates for the lack of energy induced in a room that is muted slightly too much in the heights and the economies of scale of the front OFFICE at highest levels in the ideal case.

The idea with the rear tweeters, which makes the space and can improve the connection to the atmosphere as a dipole has been taken up by companies like Ascendo itself simple and for example already. But it is the how that’s the appeal. The metal volume knob is tired as when a preamplifier of the Berlin brand, the effect definitely has charm. In particular is the basis. The tweeter ribbons of 2.5-way bass reflex design driven by a powerful neodymium magnet receives support from a midrange and a mid-woofer with 17 cm glass fiber paper membrane.


If you can see the pedestal available with decoupled Alufronten in three different colours of in their refined but not flashy styling in the listening room, it undergoes a transformation. Normally, if you like a high end speaker, one imagines her in a soundproof, built-out basement or Studio. But this gem in real wood Makassar crying after a reasonable atmosphere like from a lifestyle magazine with carefully selected furnishings and precious paintings. While we usually think neighbors away, one longs for here the presence of Interior designers themselves.


And the BA 31 sounds also still so good that you would worship they probably even in Loaf pan with heat shrink coating. She plays not just as good as she looks, she sounds even more far more spectacular. Pop, rock or classical music, she makes with everything, what you ask from the proud owner. And how! The stand box was always to the point, as it had been created just for this genre. As a friend you want to have someone like the Burmester BA 31 hardly: they are always what you want to hear just about. But as Hi-Fi box, she gets the full number of points.

If a speaker like this does not close the high frequencies, needs care to be always with strings, that he does not overdo it and brings sharpness in the game. This happens with the BA 31 not once, when’s the owner of the high tone controls overdoes something. Then, though, the figure differs, but Berlin is not aggressive. Soulful eingepegelt, let her breathe the strings instead and is amazingly close to the live feel of a violin. The same applies for woodwind, which is fresh and free play, but were never obnoxious in the test.

Big data: the glass speaker is reality

Burmester maintains the tradition, to achieve a wide range of manufacture. Even components such as the crossover of the BA 31 are fitted in the House and fixed in a soldering bath for eternity. Internal cabling systems consist of the same wires, which are available both on the speaker cable in the accessories program.

The goal behind it is uncompromising quality. Only through this vertical integration, the Berlin brand can keep maximum control over the manufacturing precision. In addition, the elaborate construction requires much hand work. For example the bass reflex tube is not just into the speaker cabinet installed, but wrapped with insulation wool at both ends, to add no color to the music.

Burmester has operated significant effort also in the selection of key components. The speaker will be charged first for seven days continuously, until they are measured and selected in pairs. It serves not only the long-term quality, the boxes also need not the usual warm up time. And Burmester based on the serial number in the archived measured values should subsequently on the world something to break to go somewhere, can find a perfectly matched spare. So, the joy remains.

The new quick

Similarly, it behaved in the bass. Here, the BA 31 was a tightrope walk between lush punch and reasonably long swinging out with electro beats such as the dedicated “Yello” stereoplay magazine CD and short, dry inserts. This speaker was what often goes wrong when mixing different transducer principles: the speed of the two not to small and not to selected big woofer motion transformer (AMT) added harmoniously together with the immediately acting air.

Motion of transformers sits on the back of the rear air a crossover network including volume control lets you turn the atmosphere-friendly dipole effect in the whole frequency range. The crossover frequencies of 2.5-way bass reflex box are located at 400 and 3000 Hz, the remaining sections are handled with a XXL-turnout in the foot.

This timing made easy. It made sure that it was difficult to switch before the end of each individual song on a new test track. So the hearing test withdrew far more in the length, as it would have been necessary to the pure judgment. Because if a speaker is tonally and timing on the point, hear and feel it immediately.

Still, there were always little surprises. Such rapid speaker, which is dedicated to the impetuous attack, the BA 31 in the deep bass offered a remarkably solid foundation. Who stop organ, may wonder what below still comes from bass drums and how confidently the BA 31 with deep tones comes clear, who are staying.

It’s good if a speaker so fun and also no doubt can be, that it is exactly right. And if he works it so universally with all styles of music. When he depicts so razor-sharp and brilliant dissolves. And if he then also still so damn good looks, here but not even fat contributes to…