Business Mobiles

We tested nine mobile phones with a focus on the useful features. It is very smart phones, document management, and many extra buttons, and one has been chosen as the winner.

Office Chair, computer and an enclosed Office feels may not always so enticing. We have good news for you. A bunch of the latest mobilteelfonerna gives you the ability to do much of the job wherever you are. You can send and receive email in a not entirely effective meeting, you can print finance report on the boat away from town, or have full control on your calendar when you’re on your way to lunch restaurant. And best of all, maybe you no longer have to make so many compromises, for today’s commercial mobiles are good also for music, video and photo.

HTC Touch Pro

The second-heaviest in the test, but although it feels Touch Pro surprisingly easy-especially if you have the predecessor Tytn II in recent memory. 2.8 inch large screen and vga resolution provides crisp picture. The design can be recognized from the Touch Diamond and front are mobiles confusingly similar, but Pro model is significantly thicker and has a matte back cover with a little more subtle facettmönster. Right from the start you see that HTC put a lot of effort into making the interface more attractive-but also more user-friendly. The Tytn II, it was really just the start screen and camera interface that received a boost worth the name, but it is now possible to handle significantly more of your phone’s features without having to pick up the pen.

The home screen is divided into tabs that provide quick access to the most important features in mobile by sweeping your finger across the screen. Switching between tabs is nicely animated and the new finger-operated interface for messages and contacts feels really successful. Sometimes it’s not entirely logical in the direction to swipe across the screen to scroll or switch views, but you learn pretty quickly the Mobile’s peculiarities.

Despite all the news in TouchFLO 3D still pops the underlying Windows interface up sometimes and pen handy. It is made of metal and is held in place by a magnet. The keyboard is really nice to use. Keys has good size and my only objection is that they sit in straight columns instead of, as in a real keyboard, displaced sideways.

Multimedia features are significantly better on Touch Pro than on the average Windows Mobile. The camera produces very good images thanks to auto focus and lighting. What we lack is a lens cap. The music player will win with horse lengths over the usual mobilvarianten of Windows Media Player, and we can also find a great picture gallery and an FM radio with rds. The browser is Opera 9.5-a much better choice than Internet Explorer. The zoom ring around the four-way controller makes it easy to switch between overview and a more readable text size when surfing.

Plus: razor-sharp screen, keyboard

Minus: clunky, somewhat illogical

Sony Ericsson P1

Even though it was well over a year ago, P1 was released, the model is still one of the most in-demand job mobiles. M600 P990 and P1 both replaced when it arrived and Sony Ericsson has not yet released any given successor. P1 has a good music player and a decent camera with autofocus and led illumination. Nokia and HTC have also realized the importance of to combine business with pleasure and can now match the P1 on most points, but there are still some features that seem attractive.

The cell phone has a dedicated camera button with intermediate position for focus-something missing on the Nokia E71. UIQ is a neat interface with considerably more animations and effects than S60 or Windows Mobile’s basic design. UIQ is a little tougher to use than competitors ‘ operating systems, but feels less awkward than Windows Mobile and supports text input by writing via the touch screen.

P1 does not have built-in gps, but is delivered in packages together with Wayfinder and a bluetooth receiver, so check out what’s included. P1 has a really well thought out telephony interface and ask, for example, if you want to save the number after you called someone who is not in the phone book or, if you want to add a to-do note if it rejected a call.

However, the combination of hitting the number on the keypad, and then use the screen to make a call or to disconnect the keypad lock be confusingly. A row of function keys and classic red and green handset had not been wrong. P1 is equipped with wlan, but it’s the older 802 .11b standard that applies and I miss applications that take proper advantage of the connection — for example, a podcasting applications.

Quickoffice for Uiq will win much of the touch screen, but otherwise has the same features as the equivalent of S60. On the other hand, can’t the P1 to open the new file formats from Office 2007. The calendar and the phone book is well executed and it is very easy to navigate long lists thanks to the scroll wheel on the side of your phone. The browser comes from Opera and has smart shortcuts via the keypad, such as “1” to open the address bar or “2” to view bookmarks. Shell in brushed metal claims to still well in the competition when it comes to quality feeling.

Plus: Good menus, good touch screen

Minus: Somewhat confusingly, Small Nodular

Nokia E66

E66 has no clear attributes which reveals that it is a job mobile-no touch screen, no keyboard. It is not even particularly dull. Quality feeling is really good and slide mechanism seems much more stable than on mobiles in N-series. The blank back cover pulls unfortunately the fingerprints, but from the front, is the cell phone well designed and has good buttons. The symbols on the buttons that are visible only when the backlight is a nice detail.

The Interior uses mobile third edition of S60, but the default theme feels very Spartan compared to what I am used to from other S60-mobiles. Your phone contains a good selection of pre-installed software from the vpn connection and the game to the Quickoffice and Sportstracker application that keeps track of training rounds using your phone’s gps. To make it easier to find the features that are relevant during the working day and free time are just as at E71 a holiday location with its own set of shortcuts.

E66 contains an accelerometer that can tilt the screen automatically depending on the phone’s location. The idea is good, but it really only works when you hold the phone with the screen perpendicular to the ground-in the other modes, it happens more often than to the screen begins to switch mode without but asked for it; the camera has auto focus, lighting and a resolution of three megapixels. Unfortunately, the camera button is not nearly as good as on other AF mobiles -between the position of the focus is missing. In addition to taking photos works the camera also business card scanner via an ocr software linked directly to the phone book.

The browser is the Nokia’s excellent minimap-browser. S60 phones still have no really good rss reader, but podcasting client works fine and is used together with the wlan connection.

Plus: Quality, music, metal shell

Minus: camera button, autorotering

Blackberry Bold

Actually, the archetype of a corporate BlackBerry Mobile. It was developed almost exclusively for e-mail, contacts and calendar, and the parade branch is that all this information is updated using push so you always have second current data available when you’re on the go.

The best is getting BlackBerry when an entire site using it because you then get shared access to calendar and contacts. The ability to view calendars, book and confirm appointments and get second quick email attracts many. BlackBerry has hit big in the United States, nor the Swedish versions of the phone has buttons for aao. Instead, you get to bring out the letters through the combined push of a button. The keyboard may be good score and if it weren’t for the lack of aao are really not much to complain about.

The menu system in the BlackBerry resembles not much else, but despite the fact that the scheme is significantly different, it is not difficult to get started. In the e-mail’s mejlkorg mass both incoming and sent messages chronologically and it may sound confusing, but works nicely. Attachments from Office applications can be both read and edit, but because the touch screen is missing, it can sometimes be a bit of a mess to make more extensive changes.

The menus is so unadorned that sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate the icons. Bold does not have touchscreen and it’s the menu button below the screen as when you press the show all available options in the position you find yourself in. It will be at times very long lists, but it makes the screen becomes liberating freedom from the menu buttons and the BlackBerry is so consistent in the menus makes the phone feels intuitive to use.

The impression of BlackBerry Bold colored much of the screen, if the older Blackberry phones have been emailing and not very much more to change the Bold on it. This screen is high resolution (480 x 320 pixels) and it makes it no problem, for example, can view videos.

The phone also has gps, but it does not impress. The program is called BlackBerry Maps, and in addition to the gps itself takes a long time to find their position map application limited and like most free software Google Maps that can be downloaded in most mobiles today.

Plus: Screen, pushmail, even media

Minus: Lacks aao buttons, gps

Samsung i780

The top model in Samsung’s smartphones has several unique features. The screen is rectangular and has resolution 320 x 320 pixels-that is a little more than mobile phones with qvga display. The extra pixels comes in handy in the browser and in Office Mobile. Samsung has not done the same work that HTC on improving the operating system, so for the most part, it is Windows Mobile’s basic design. Even so, it’s easy to use your phone without pen-thanks to the touchpad below the screen. The plate is not great, but makes it possible to navigate the interface with high precision by swiping your thumb over the black surface.

A significant improvement that Samsung made is to replace Internet Explorer against the Opera browser which has more features such as zoom and better compatibility with various sites. Given that the i780 holds both wlan and gps qwerty keyboard with Swedish characters, it is a compact mobile. The other side of the coin is that the battery often runs out before the work day is over. Fortunately, sending Samsung with both external charger and spare battery, but it is nonetheless impractical with such poor battery life.

It’s pretty low-i780, but a supplemental programs in your phone comes with a trial version of Garmin navigator software with an interface similar to the Nuvi series. The camera is no big shots-two megapixels and fixfokus provides the approved mms pictures when the light is good. I780 is a good mobile to manage e-mail attachments. There is support for the latest file formats including program Onenote for a little more advanced Notepad.

For music you are forced to keep Windows Media Player credited with a much simpler than what Nokia, HTC and Sony Ericsson offers. Headsets can be connected with Samsung’s special contact, so it is not possible to charge your phone and use a wired headset at the same time.

Plus: the touchpad, the browser

Minus: low-software, battery life

Nokia E71

Nokia’s little qwerty Mobile has shrunk considerably since the predecessors E61 and E61i, but the keyboard still works good to write on. E71 contains a full version of Quickoffice, you can both read, create, and edit Office – specific files directly on your mobile. Big Excel sheet does better on mobile phones with higher screen resolution, but for Word document program works good.

The calendar application is sharpened when compared to the standard view in the S60 and takes advantage of the wide screen-to the left is the standard calendar, and details about the day or meeting to the right. To cell phones should work well both at work and in private there is a special holiday mode that works a bit like a cross between a profile and a theme. Holiday mode can have its own shortcuts to various programs from your home screen, but also a different background cell than the one used in the job situation. To switch between modes via a special icon on the home screen.

Quality feel is considerably higher than on the E61 and E61i. The shell of the E71 is made up of a good amount of metal and the thin format helps to provide an exclusive feel. The built-in gps can be used to geotag pictures or to view position in Nokia Maps or Google Maps. To get directions, however, requires a subscription.

Clients of vpn connections and sip telephony are other features that may be of interest when using the cell phone for work. Although the Office-related appearance contains E71 a lot of programs that can be used outside working hours. Podcasting program can download the audio and music-either via cell connection or via wlan.

The music player is the same as in other S60 phones and have the same features contained in Nokia’s music phones. Some things one can object against the camera button has only one State and you cannot first focus and then recompose the shot. Using 2.5-millimeterskontakt instead of real headphone headset connector is also a mischief.

Plus: the leisure mode, keypad, calendar

Minus: Camera button, headphone plug

Samsung i200

Windows Mobile is, as is well known, even in a version for phones without touch screen, but producers have so far been quite frugal to launch the type of products and it has been justified. Windows Mobile Standard, or Smartphone as the former was called, was previously very limited.

With Windows Mobile 6.1, Microsoft has put some extra effort into making the system great for “normal” mobiles and there is felt first and foremost in the form of a really good home screen. It works similarly to the active standby mode on Symbianmobiler, but the solution of Samsung i200 is both prettier and more rich in features. The menu has a glass feeling, much like Windows Vista, and is nicely animated. The processor is not enough really to and I am experiencing mobile that quite tough, but in a mobile with a little more force can be really interesting interface.

Message handling is already really good with the presentation of the new text together with the sender’s image directly on the home screen. When one lists the sms and mms messages you see also with small icons if you replied to or forwarded message-just like in email program. Other updates that you notice are the new versions of Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer. From having been catastrophically bad, programs are fully usable, albeit a bit from the absolute top class. It is possible to create playlists directly on your mobile phone and a stylish clutch to the start screen where even album art.

Unfortunately, improvements are not really down deep into the cell phone. Menus for making settings is still by a long list of boring text on white background. I200 is definitely no design product and looks rather bland, but it is a slim mobile phone and the screen is very long. The materials are similar to those in big brother i780, but instead of hard plastic buttons have the numeric keypad on the i200 a rubbery surface. Not quite as distinctive feel, but keys has good size and four-way controller is excellent. The largest gaps are camera and bluetooth interface.

Plus: thin, startup screen, feature rich

Minus: Design, camera, bluetooth

HP Ipaq 914

Seen from the front is the Ipaq 914 not entirely unlike the Nokia E71-roughly the same dimensions, a landscape qvga display and keyboard. HP cell phone, however, is 20 grams heavier and almost twice as thick. Part of the reason is the enormous battery that is almost as long as the cell phone. Unfortunately, it provides no impressive battery life-the battery must be charged every day even when fairly sparing use.

IPAQ 914 is a Windows Mobile and comes without any special enhancements to the operating system. This means that the pen is needed for many tasks, but at the same time, it is easier, for example, to browse the lists with scrollknappen on the side of your phone, so you have to often switch between using the buttons and using the pen. Not very user friendly. The phone feels durable with details of rubber and metal, but the keys are very small and I do not have separate buttons for Swedish characters-it has both Nokia and Samsung managed to squeeze in on similar phones.

The Office programs is the latest version with note-taking program Onenote and a feature-rich email program where you can sort the messages in folders, flag for follow-up and other functions that are familiar from Outlook on your computer. HP chose not to upgrade your browser without sending with Internet Explorer. There is still no real good mobile browser, but the new version has a functional zoom functions and feels more stable to work with.

HP impresses not on the multimedia page. Music player, Windows Media Player is actually worse in the Professional version of the operating system than in the simple Edition for mobile phones that lack a touch screen. It’s very cumbersome to put into playlists and organize the music if you do not use Windows Media Player on your computer. The camera looks great on paper with autofocus and three megapixels, but it’s very hard to take sharp pictures. Probably has the camera poor light sensitivity and therefore choose long shutter speeds. IPAQ 914 are equipped with wlan as well as gps, but with the exception of Google Maps, there is no pre-installed software that leverages the capabilities of the hardware.

Pluses: Durable, buttons, menu system

Minus: Blurred pictures, music player

Nokia E90

Dual screens, a real keyboard and lots of features. Even if the E90 is actually the second smallest kommunikatorn that Nokia launched a monster to mobile with a weight of over 2 HL. There is very little we miss among the specifications for the E90. It has gps, wlan, turbo 3 g, fm radio, and buttons for Swedish characters. Most simply.

What is missing is an operating system that takes advantage of the hardware in a good way. Older Nokia communicators had an own interface, Series 80, which was better suited to more function buttons, other types of menus and more ways to divide the screen into different fields. E90 use S60 Nokia smartphones, just like less, and you keep getting the feeling that the screen could hold more information and provide a better overview. The calendar and the phone book has additional information fields that are not available on standard S60 phones and software as your Web browser, and Quickoffice pulls of course benefit from the 800 pixel wide screen, but it still feels like a step in the wrong direction compared to the Series 80.

Some benefits can find-the outer screen now gives access to all the features of your phone and you can easily switch between screens, open or fold up the cell phone. Quality feeling is really good with the carpet, plastic materials and metal hinges the hinges has two joints, so it is possible to fold up your phone in different ways depending on whether you want to have it on the table in front of them or use the handheld.

Email application does not correspond to my expectations on this type of mobile. E90 will send emails as plain text and open html e-mail messages in the browser instead of integrating functions properly in the email program. E90 was decent multimedia features such as autofocus camera, in a job and performance still feels okay. The music player is not the prettiest in the market, but the main functionality is there and it is possible to use the wireless stereo headphones. Unfortunately, lacking a real headphone connector on the cell phone, but adapters are available. E90 has a built-in gps and the large interior screen gives a good overview on the maps in Nokia Maps. Directions will cost extra.

Plus: Screen, aao, Series 60

Minus: the headphone connector, e-mail

Winner: Nokia E71

The e71 has a full keyboard with Swedish characters and a thin casing with good quality feel. Calendar and phone book are trimmed with new views that take advantage of the wide screen. The music player is as good as in Nokia’s music phones and gadgets like gps, wlan, podcasting and autofocus camera makes the E71 for a good cell phone for both work and leisure.