Cable Germany in the Fixed Network Test 2015: 5th Place

Cable Germany belonging to Vodafone, operate a network of largely independent – but achieve similar services such as Vodafone.

Since April 2014, the cable provider belongs officially to Vodafone Germany. And although the technicians of the two parts of companies with high pressure working more closely align the two networks and the marketing people together match the associated deals, cable asked Germany to be evaluated independently – so regardless of Vodafone – in this year’s connect network test. In the medium term, the brand “Cable Germany” should however disappear from the market and go up in Vodafone.

Cable connections in 13 federal States

In 13, and therefore all except the provinces by the competitor Unitymedia beackerten via coaxial cable, the cable provider provides its clients with television, telephony and Internet. And although this very different from the DSL technology broadband transmission is used, the test results of the 2015 power tests on similar level as those of Vodafone.

Interestingly Vodafone’s cable subsidiary in the test connections from and to mobile lines of the still used O2 Mobile network performs better than to the Vodafone Mobile network. As a whole the scored part grade for the quality of voice calls is but only a point above the result from Vodafone – what but is still a proper.

Losses are, however, in all data disciplines and this is increasing – although the current AVM-top cable model Fritz box 6490 hangs on the test connections posted by zafaco. But the problems observed in the test seem to lie in the core network and its connection to the rest of the Internet.

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So, cable Germany provides poor services in the Web services, as well as average resolution times when processing DNS requests to the ETSI-Kepler reference Web sites. Also the response times when retrieving HIGH definition video could be better.