Camino 2.0 out of Beta

Camino, an open source browser for Mac OS X little known, came out of beta today. It uses the 1.9 version of the engine Gecko rendering, created by Mozilla and also used in Firefox 3. The Camino project, responsible for developing the browser, is maintained by Mozilla itself.

Among the new features of version 2.0 are improved tabbed browsing, support the page zoom, better safety features like pop-up blocker and detect malicious links, better keyboard shortcuts and download notifications, among others. The browser is known to be light and not make intensive use of the processor, so it can steal the place of Google Chrome, which still has no version for Mac OS X.

Camino 2.0 runs only on versions of Mac OS X 10.4 and above, is 15 MB, is available in English and 13 other languages ​​(unfortunately the Portuguese is not one of them) and can be downloaded via this link . [TechCrunch]

If you download and test the browser, share your impressions in the comments.