Can You Use WhatsApp with Cell Phone Turned off?

Cell phone battery is gone, or you do not have a cell phone to use WhatsApp. But that particular chat was too good for you to halt, was not it? Well, there are a few ways to circumvent this WhatsApp system to depend on your phone’s SIM card to work. Some warnings, however, are always worth remembering.

Can You Use WhatsApp with Cell Phone Turned off?

My cell phone broke. How to use WhatsApp on PC?

You will most likely need a tablet or smartphone with a SIM card and a cell phone number. You can not use WhatsApp on your PC only, because WhatsApp Web depends on your tablet or smartphone application.

Access WhatsApp from the PC online: do not use any application or program “gambiarra”

To write this article, we have discovered several possible gambiarras to use WhatsApp with false numbers. All of them, without exception, required the installation of suspicious and little-known applications. These applications can be the gateway for hacker attack to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. We do not believe in gambiarras, and none of them worked correctly in the tests. Only use WhatsApp Web, which depends on the connected phone.

WhatsApp with the cellphone turned off: how to use?

Only with another phone or tablet, but it is very simple to use. If you have someone at home with a smartphone or tablet, borrow it or borrow it, or use a second device you own, unplug the device and put the SIM card in it.

Before opening the WhatsApp application, go to the device settings (if it is yours) and delete the WhatsApp pre-existing settings (on Android: tap settings -> applications -> WhatsApp -> clear data / cache). Remember: if the device is from someone else, do not do it without asking permission, or the person may lose the data from it. Ask her to back up WhatsApp messages (open the application and go to Options -> Settings -> Chat History -> Backup / Save History). Do not snoop around the person’s chat, okay? Ask the person to do the chores.

Then open the application, which will prompt you to enter the initial WhatsApp settings. Enter the information and you’ll be able to use WhatsApp.

But that’s not using WhatsApp with the phone turned off …

No, but it’s an option. The above video gives another option to use WhatsApp without cell phone, until reliable, but that should be used with caution. Our tip was for anyone who needs to use WhatsApp urgently when the smartphone itself breaks  or is some exceptional situation. There is still no other way to use WhatsApp, but as soon as you have it, you can rest assured that we will keep our readers up to date!