Can you use your mobile as a charger? Yes, it is possible!

Samsung has produced a smart USB-cable, which means that you can charge your Micro USB devices with your smart phone, or your tablet.

Samsung Power Sharing Cable

Samsung Power Sharing Cable

Everyone has experienced problems with batteries – you would like to take a picture, or you are enjoying you with music, and so your device runs out of power. It is annoying, doesn’t it? But did you know that you can use your mobile as a charger? So it is easy to charge a smart watch, a music player or a digital camera with Micro USB port, so you can take a picture, listen to music or use your smart watch for long periods of time.

With the Samsung Power Sharing cable, you can easily and quickly charge your devices that use Micro USB – you just need to plug one end of the cable into the device with the Micro USB port (such as a smart watch) that you want to charge, and the other part in your Samsung mobile or your Samsung tablet. There are small arrows on the 2 ends of the cable, and they show you what device as “sending” power, and the unit which “receives” it. You can send the flow from a few different Samsung devices with or without the app, while all Micro USB devices can receive the stream.

Quite easy and practical, is it not?

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Never run out of power!