CCTV Camera Lenses

One of the aspects to take into account for the installation of a security camera system is the type of lenses that will have chosen CCTV cameras, if of course that has been that the technology that has decided to equip its security system.

Choose CCTV cameras lenses is a task of utmost importance, as are these devices which capture images and their effectiveness depends on the conditions in which they operate. As a result, There are different lenses for CCTV cameras, which allow different possibilities. These are the most used…

Types Of CCTV Cameras Lenses

CCTV Camera Lenses

According to the lighting

IRIS fixed. They are used when the lighting is constant, for example, in the Interior artificially illuminated.

Manual variable IRIS. When lighting changes, should use this lens to achieve greater precision in the images, since it can adapt to the changes of light.

IRIS. : It is the proper lens when the camera is installed outside, because that automatically controls the amount of light that penetrates maintaining a constant video signal.

Depending on the distance

Fixed lenses: are used when you have measured the distance required for the scope of the camera and you don’t have to make any variation, or movements.

Verifocales lenses: adjust the focal length manually.This offers the installer vary the visual field in the presence of the user and fix it at a specific position.

Zoom lenses: are used when you need to observe close or distant images alternately.

Wide angle. They are used when you need to capture a wide viewing angle, since they allow more openness in this regard.