20 Christmas-Accessories

To those who already have a good mobile looking sites, of course, in this list – with accessories that nobody ever wants to lose.

Nokia BH905i ICE

Nokia has updated its big luxury lurking BH-905. The new model with an ‘ i ‘ at the end of the name is prettier, has more features and comfortably without squeezing. Comes with a lavish pouch filled with accessories. There is room for chargers, extension cord and adapters for most headphone plugs — including contact for aircraft seats. The sound is excellent and there is a button for extra bass. A number of microphones on the headset provides active noise reduction and very good sound when you use the headset for mobile phone calls. New white variant of these wonder (with the addition of “ice” in the name) feels undeniably extra suitable if we get a White Christmas!

  1. Klipsch Image S4i

Really sharp in-earlurar for Iphone, Ipad and Ipod. Available in both black and white to match the mobile shell. The headphones come in a metal box and it includes earplugs in four different sizes. It has really good sound all over the table and good attenuation of ambient noise. Cable microphone for calls and buttons that control the music player.


  1. the Jawbone Icon

A headset with stylish design and advanced technology. On the inside of the headset is a small sensor that uses the vibrations to distinguish between voice and background noise. A very effective solution. Jawbone Icon is available with several different shells and skins. The headset is brimming with features like A2DP and read status. Support for “MyTALK” apps that provide voice, spoken caller ID and votes on other languages.


  1. Nokia DT-600

With Nokia’s charging station lets you charge all gadgets from a single wall outlet and minimize the cords. The power supply delivers 1200 mA and five devices can be plugged in at the same time. Fits all Nokia products, of course, but it also includes cables for LG, Samsung and Motorola. The various adapter cables are connected with usb connector, so it is fine to supplement DT-600 with an Iphone cord.

  1. Philips O’Neill SHO4507

Sporty Iphonelurar from Philips. The cord is reinforced with fabric for extra durability and the headset sits comfortably in your ears. Remote control your music player and have the answer button and microphone for phone calls. The soft earbuds make not quite as tight as usual in-earlurar and the bass is a little weaker, but SHO4507 is playing really well in the higher frequencies.


  1. H2O Audio Amphibx L

Around the phone itself just as a plastic bag, but in a resistant material. It is in all cases the security around the phone and keeps moisture away while the rest is for the phone to sit comfortably and well on the arm. The headset, sold separately, and it makes the whole pakektet with both case and headphones will be fairly expensive together. On the inside of the moisture barrier sits as a headphone cord to connect to the phone’s 3.5-millimetersanslutning before you close the lid. On the outside you will find a contact where you connect the special waterproof headphones. In short; the case is waterproof. Biggest question is how do you manage to find a use for the use of your phone where it is wet.


  1. Bose MIE2 Mobile Headset

On Bose MIE2-headset, sits as a small wing in rubber and it does so to say brace against the inner ear and engages the earpiece. The first five seconds when you insert the earphones feel strange, but that feeling quickly disappears. The sound in the headset is really good and the sound in the headset, for those I talk with have also had good grades. With the Iphone version you can change tracks and adjust the volume of the headset, but otherwise, with standard model applicable to change tracks right on your phone.


  1. Sony-Ericsson MS450

This is not Sony Ericsson’s first speaker, but they are quite different from the “dumber” speakers that were previously sold. MS450 uses power from the device battery. This means, of course, pleased that you do not have to get battery cod in the speakers when you least want it. Another amusing detail is that the can can start and stop the music by tapping on the speakers (can lead to hilarious situations on the subway if your speakers are plugged into a phone is in your bag). MS450 is also fairly portable, thanks to that they sucked together via magnets in front. In addition to stereo speakers to make a built-in microphone that you can use the MS450 for speaker calls. To be able to build in microphone power supply cord and plug, however, is not a standard headphone connector, and the consequence is that you can only use the speakers with any newer Sony Ericsson Xperia phones (X 8, x 10 mini or x 10 mini pro).

  1. Wahoo chest strap

When I tested the chest strap in the past, communicated with your phone via bluetooth, but with the Iphone, it will be different. Transmission between the phone and the chest strap goes through a technology called Ant + and because it is built in heart rate band, but not for the Iphone as it is required to connect a small transmitter in the bottom of the Iphone.

Most of the pulse band perhaps at the interval training and when you want to be able to adjust your pace after the pulse and, for example, lie on a certain percentage of your maximum heart rate in different stages. Do you have an Android phone features a heart rate monitor from Zephyr with similar features.


Koss Iporta Pro

Finesse with Iporta Pro is a microphone on the cord that lets headset doubles as a hands-free. You can walk around and listen to music, and you get a call, the music is interrupted, you respond with the button on the cable and can handle the call. When the call ends, start the music again and you listen further without having to lift more than maybe 1 finger pressing the button and hang up.

Call sound is decently good. It sounds good because it is of good quality, but of course it also depends on the person you’re talking to has a decent phone. For those I talk with is the comment consistently that the sound is a bit dull and a bit tinny, but it sounds good and they have no trouble hearing me either when I’m sitting in the Office or out on the street.


IPad cases

Do you have an Ipad 3 g with built in gps you’ll probably want to use it outdoors. Even the usual without gps can do well to tolerate some tougher measures. With a water secure sleeve which is padded at the back works the better both in the boat, the forest and the bathtub. It’s fine to use the screen through the protective film, the only problem is that it gets a little difficult reflexes in the plastic.

Jabra Clipper

Clipper is a little different headsets. The clamp is in ruggat rubber and hides the metal clamp over you with proper finger power can pry up and fastened to the example in the shirt. The cord is short, so you can find a suitable place near your neck, for it must be near the mouth also if you are going to be heard in microphone for calls.

The headphones that come with is of the in-ear type and provides relatively good sound. When you pull on the volume you hear, however, that they do not hold true.


In your face

At one end a clip that catches the biggest headset, both Iphone and Galaxy S goes to the PIN. Once you get there the handset, you can rotate it 360 ° and tilt it, and of course, turning around the flexible arm that you want to get the right viewing angle.

At the other end of the sitting which, thanks to a clever solution is to put on both thin and thick table tops or round bars. The biggest problem is that vibrations propagated to your phone, your hands are simply great at suppressing them, it is not the carrier from In Your Face. The risk is that you get a little jittery if you sit and watch the train.


Sony RDP-XF100iP

By tapping the front folds the docking connector at the front and you can plug in their iPhones or iPods. The device comes with a sleek remote control so it can control the music player without having to touch your phone’s screen. To make it possible to connect other audio sources is a 3.5-millimetersingång, but then works the remote control just to control the volume. The device can carry around and has a rechargeable battery that lasts 7 hours, according to specifications. Even if the material is essentially plastic quality feel of RDP-XF100iP really well. Weighing almost two kilograms, the firm and the cell phone is held firmly in the docking connector.

Jabra Cruiser II

A hands free car kit that works even in the Office. Connect your phone via Bluetooth to the Jabra Cruiser to take it over conversation and music. You can then also send the sound on to your car stereo via the built-in fm transmitter. The sound is not great, but still decently for being such a small speaker. The connection is very simple, as is the use. A forced voice tells you when it is connected and other events-


Jabra Wave

Like a snake winding itself around the ear and out on the cheek. The part that sits in the ear is soft so it turns up when you pin the loop behind your ear. They are nice and the benefit of the long microphone part of course is that it comes closer to the mouth and the sound will be better. The sound is good and the Jabra says it has extra good properties in windy weather. It’s a little hard to do, but it works well in the autumn wind on the street on their way home.



Available in several sizes to fit different phones. A holder for your phone, which can be good when you’re out there and exercise and use the handset to listen to music or to keep track of training with an exercise program. The only problem is that it can feel a bit uncomfortable about the too tight around your arm, but when I range the solved it works well under an hour of jogging.

Sony Ericsson Liveview

A small screen to wear that watch, or pinned to clothing. Gives you info from phone calls and messages – and your friends ‘ latest updates on Facebook or Twitter. In addition, you can attach it to the various programs so that information from, for example, your exercise program will be shown in the screen without having to bring up the phone. It is manufactured by Sony Ericsson, but should work with phones that are running at least version 2.0 of the Android. Downloading an app in the market to pair with your phone


Plantronics K100

Same features as the Jabra Cruiser II, but in slightly different formats. This car kit is connected also with Bluetooth and can send audio and music on to your car stereo. But it is designed as a large clamp to be attached to the sun visor in your car. It is said to be equipped with technology to reduce noise and make your voice more audible, but because the product is brand new, we have not had time to test it yet.

Creative D200

Creative continues to manufacture accessories for phones and computers, and continuing with high-gloss piano lacquer. You connect via either bluetooth or with a 3.5 mm cord and it works with both phones, computers and music players. It weighs just over one and a half kilos, but unfortunately it does not run on batteries, you have to have it plugged in to the wall outlet (wall socket).


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