Effect of Cellphone in Pregnancy

Cellphone in pregnancy: here are the possible risks for mother and baby! The use of mobile phones is sometimes impeached about its possible dangers, while regarding the negative effects of mobile phones during pregnancy, in fact some studies have recently been put to test the possible risks of exposure to these devices for the fetus and the mother. Let us see what can be!

Mobile phones have now changed the habits of most of us and today these devices are considered indispensable tools for everyday life. For nine out of 10 women on cell phone or smartphone is an everyday object to be used anytime, anywhere. But have you ever thought about the possible effects of mobile phone on the fetus and pregnant? A recent study involving mothers who borrowed his cell phone, has shown that the rings of these devices may frighten and wake the baby, or can make it move. According to the findings from these studies, the fetus in the belly is disturbed only by the vibration of the phone or the ring.

As a precaution, such devices must be kept away from the belly and abdomen or otherwise away from your baby’s ears. The phone is well put it in the bag, chest height, and anyway it is advised not to use it while it is charging and making a few phone calls and short. Other studies have shown that the cell used in pregnancy according to Bestaah.com can create trauma to the child once born. The fetus is exposed to constant use of mobile phones will incur the risk of suffering from behavioural problems (relationship difficulties and over excitation), hyperactivity, anxiety and memory disorders throughout his life once born. Besides, who would want to be disturbed by the continuous trills of a mobile phone?

However, there is evidence that some sounds in pregnancy are good for the fetus, the relax and promote mental and physical development, as opposed to others that they’re hurting him, disturb it and alter the rhythm and balance. In baby bump have thanked the baby the soothing sounds and sweet as those issued by the voice of mom and Dad or sounds and melodies of music reading and silent. Although the cell during pregnancy should be kept at a safe distance, why not choose a ringtone sweet to chime in? If some sound reaches the ear of the child certainly did not scare him like a blast!

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