Sony Ericsson Liveview in Test

Imagine only having to throw a glance at the watch to check out the latest facebook status types and text messages from friends. With Sony Ericsson Liveview is possible.

Cellular clocks that product has so far been mostly a unfulfilled history. Amusing because it tickles the imagination-for who has not ever wanted to not be like thriller classic Cock Tracy and talk with headquarters? But in the end, efforts to make a reality of the idea most led to the rather sad products, difficult to use and with miserable battery life. Crazy expensive also.

Liveview is not possible in the trap. The price tag is ridiculous low (less than 600), really just as low as it should be for this to be a popular product. So what about the features then? Strength with Liveview is that it attaches itself to your mobile phone via bluetooth rather than to connect itself to the cellular network. The whole thing is based on the fact that you have an Android phone, with at least version 2.1 of the Android system. The clock shows only the information that is on the phone.

Facebook, Twitter and blogs

So what can you do with gadget? To the phone itself loads to download an Android app Liveview. Where you can set accounts for, among other things, Facebook and Twitter. You can also add the rss addresses of websites and blogs that you like to follow. The watch itself has a little different touch screen. The screenshot itself is not clickable. Instead, you click on the edges of the clock to cycle their way between features and sms. To jump into or out of a specific function, such as the Facebook feed, press a button in the corner.

Quick sms

I think it is great to be able to see facebook status, incoming sms and rss news. You can also mute your phone’s signal when you look at the clock that it’s a call you don’t want to answer just then. By a long press on the button, one can also get into the menu to control the phone’s music player. What can feel a bit limited is to, among other things, news texts will be severed if you scroll down to read them, you will only see the introduction of longer texts. Incoming email, not the top of the clock.

Images are also lacking, whether you check out facebook statuses or nyhetsfeeder. All that you get to the top of the screen is text based and fairly clean. But given that there is no other product that does the same thing as Liveview feels this as a really fun product.


Even better is that if you like to play sports, and use Sportypal, such as keeping track of how far and at what speed you will (GPS measurement). Then can keep tabs on the run by throwing a glance at the clock. Sony Ericsson will also sell Liveview in packages with Sportypal and a cell phone holder for your arm. If more apps do plugin-solutions for Liveview, in the same way as Sporty Pal made, this can be an even more useful stuff. Consider, for example, to send a preset text message by clicking on the clock, or kick forward an incoming call to another.

Sony Ericsson has a history of watches equipped with bluetooth, but the former has been significantly heavier, much more expensive and also significantly poorer function. Liveview can all the more, but what about the quality of feeling? Well, any watch with a luxury feel is not. The band would have liked to have got to be stylish, instead of the pad that is reminiscent of the kindergarten children -stuff.

Question and answers

You can use it as a normal watch, too? Yes, it shows the time with digital numbers, and even if you leave or turn off the cell phone seems to keep time in memory. But you can not set the time, alarm or similar in the watch itself, but all the information is retrieved in principle from the mobile phone.


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