Web Browser for Android in the Great Test

Mobile has tested a dozen browsers for Android, most better than your default Web browser.

The browser in Android is probably the best default browser in any mobile system, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. You can get Web pages both in the overhead view and zoomed in, and it’s easy to zoom by pinch with your fingers, or double-tap the screen. I zoomed in close location broken lines nicely after the screen size, so that you can read the text without having to scroll sideways. This is almost a must for an acceptable Web surfing experience, and something that most other systems Miss.

On the other hand, when you are browsing a Web page, tap to zoom and read, click on a link, then tap again to read beginning to end up wondering why they should have to zoom all the time, why not choose to have zoomed in close as the default mode and tap to zoom out instead?

Actually, it is difficult to generalize about the default browser of Android. Sony Ericsson, HTC and Samsung have all made modifications that make the Web differ between models, and also differs depending on browser Android version. For example, you can adjust the text size in the browser, but also with “huge” as choice, the text is laughably small. The exception is Sony Ericsson, which adjusted the text size to more realistic levels.


Generally you can say that the handling of open window small yxig in the default Web browser. You have to go into the menus and select the menu option to switch between open Windows, a system of tabs would be nice, something many of the options taken. On the plus side is that the screen be used well, without annoying menu or status lines that block when you just want to see the Web.

The default browser is generally good at displaying pages correctly, even if it happens that online sites are rendered incorrectly. On our site you will find a series of tests to see how well a Web browser is to follow the HTML standard. Android browser passes the first test well, others poorly and may 93/100 score on the third exam. There is room for improvement.

With version 2.2 of Android have browser support for Flash. It is for good or for evil. In many cases, Flash support only to a mass moving ads on the Web page that was previously not displayed now, browser, as otherwise the right quick, go slower. That the cell phone is not quite ready for the flash notice if, for example, try to watch an embedded Youtubefilm. It will not be enjoyable. Certainly, it is good that the Flash is there, but it will be best if you go into the settings and change the “enable plugins” to “on demand”.

When we now formed an idea of what we want out of the browser, let us look at the options:

Dolphin Browser HD

Version: 4.2

Price: Free with advertising. Ad-free for 5 dollars.

Dolphin browser is now in no less than three different versions of Android. Dolphin Browser HD is the top version that only recommended to phones with high performance. It shows, even on my Desire Z, I think the Dolphin HD is little slow, noticeably slower than the default reader.

It is a feature packed browser. It has Flash, the default setting is “on demand” which means clicking if you want Flash to display. A good solution, because Dolphin HD becomes even slower with flash. There is a handy feature to identify RSS feeds and link them to Google Reader. It features browsing with actual tabs that you can browse from, but if you zoom in, all menus and address field and you get full screen. You can set the text size and zoom size, but not choose zoomed in close as the default view. Whether zooming by pinching or double tap is broken lines for easier reading.

You can create hanskriftskommandon to control the browser, for example, go back by drawing a b on the screen. The menus will be accessed by pulling them out from the left or right side of the screen. I’m not completely sold on the solution, on large pages, you have to scroll until the page runs out to get menus. I prefer the more traditional pushing them forward with the menu button.

The main argument for Dolphin HD, however, are all the plugins that are available for download. Skins to change the look and feel is perhaps a little pointless, you would of course prefer that the mobile browser is visible as small as possible, but there are also very very useful. For example, a plugin for password program Lastpass, bar code reader, a plugin that remembers your open tabs, and more. Or why not a plugin for Firefox-syncing (see Firefox below)?

Plus: the actual tabs, flash, plugins

Minus: the system intensive, can not choose standardzoomläge

Dolphin Browser

Version: 3.1.1

Price: Free

The older version of the Dolphin is still available, and is recommended for users with Android 1.6 or older, if there are any left. I would probably recommend the above HD if you don’t have a top model, then it is noticeably faster.

The look is slightly different for HD, but it offers the same functions for identification of RSS: you, handwriting, governance, tabs and flash. A plus in front of the Dolphin HD is that Dolphin Browser has zoomed in close as the default mode. There are also good text sizes to choose from, but perhaps the main point with Dolphin, plugins, is lost.

There’s no pinch-to-zoom in Dolphin Browser, but you can zoom in or out with the double knock, and the lines are broken after the screen at zoom.

Plus: flash, real tabs, zoomed in close by default

Minus: no pinch-to-zoom

Dolphin Browser Mini

Version: 1.0

Price: free

Dolphin Browser Mini is probably meant to replace the old version of the Dolphin Browser. It shows that it is an early version, there are some bugs and some missing features. For example, there is no set zoom modes. It would be needed, because even in the zoomed in close location, which is the default, the text is well little if we do not change the text size, which in turn can wreck your layout on some pages.

Dolphin Browser Mini is decently fast, much like the default browser and significantly faster than Dolphin HD, but not as fast as Opera below. Above all to step back and forth between pages goes very quickly. There is still finger steering, tabs and flash on demand from the HD version, but with flash on falling speed considerably, and trying to play embedded youtube clips, you can forget about läppsynken. No plugins in Dolphin HD.

You can zoom with ache or double knock. After pinch-to-zoom is broken not lines, but if you double-tap after pinch-to-zoom broken lines. There is a great full-screen mode that you can switch between with the menu button.

Plus: Quick, flash, tabs, full-screen mode

Minus: Get settings

Firefox (Fennec)

Version: 4.0 beta 3

Price: Free


The beta version of Firefox for Android (formerly known under the name Fennec) is available with the beta 3 in the Android Market. It’s a beta can be seen on both missing features and functions that are available but not working properly. For example, do not always break lines when zooming, even after I install a plugin for this. A plugin for larger text helps at least to the text is unreadable small even in the zoomed in close position. Flash is missing at present.

Not ready for use, that is, but a couple of things suggest that Firefox can be a favorite when it comes out of beta. One is that it is a fast browser, even if the last beta was oddly enough felt faster. The other is synkfunktionen. If you install the beta of Firefox 4.0 on your computer, you can synchronize your bookmarks, history, open tabs and more between mobile and PC.

Just bookmarks is perhaps marginally useful, I think it is often different pages I read on mobile and PC, but all the others are very useful. Imagine you have an interesting link shortly before going to work. “Where do I check on the bus” can you imagine, open it on your computer, sync, so you automatically get up into your mobile then. The tabs end up as a collection of links, so you don’t need to worry about lowering their phone just because you have 20 tabs open on your computer.

The menus are drawn as well as dolphin HD in from this page, and as well as where I find it mostly feels cumbersome and impractical. Mozilla seems to have an ambitious programme for plugins to Firefox for Android is planned, but before they get to the zoom and line break in an acceptable way, Firefox for Android is not recommended.

Plus: Plugins, Firefox sync on your computer against

Minus: No flash, Word wrap does not work, generally unfinished

Miren Browser

Version: 1.2

Price: Free

In addition to the big names, Dolphin, Skyfire, Opera and Firefox, there are a number of lesser-known browsers, and Miren is one of them. There are tabs for browsing with multiple Windows in a neat way, flash (on demand). The browser is about as fast as the default browser, but with Flash content, it slowly. Both double knock-and pinch zoom works, and the lines are broken for readability after a double knock if you ache zoo food. Special plus to the browser forward and back ladders so quickly.

The only real minus with Miren is that there is no proper full-screen mode, the menu bar with tabs is always open. On the other hand, it is hard to see that Miren adds much beyond the standard browser in addition to the management of tabs.

Plus: Flash, tabs, quick

Minus: No full-screen mode

Opera Mobile

Version: 10.1 beta

Price: Free


Actually, this is after several weeks of testing my favorite browser, but it is still difficult to recommend it to 100 percent. For example, it lacks flash, which can be a result of that it is a beta. Opera Mobile has otherwise flash support on other platforms. Otherwise, it is not so much that it is a beta, but sometimes have browser problems with the rendering of pages.

As for Firefox, Opera is a synkfunktion, but it is not as useful as the sync for Firefox. And for that you have to use Opera on my computer to sync to, which is less likely than that you use Firefox. Partly because it’s just bookmarks synced, not open tabs.

Unlike most Web browsers in this test contains Opera Mobile no greater improvement over the default reader in the handling of open tabs. You have to go into the menu and choose between open window here as there.

Zoom splash is slightly different than in the other readers. When zoomed out, do a simple tap to zoom in on it rather than on this page. Thus, one can not click on links when zoomed out. In a slower browsers had perhaps annoyed me, but here it is just nice. You can also knipzooma, and no matter how you zoom broken lines for good readability. You can choose the zoom level when zoomed in close but not zoomed in close location by default.

Unlike other Web browsers in this test is the locking of skrollningen in horizontal and vertical direction weaker in Opera Mobile which allows one to experience the small “fladdrig” when you scroll down on the page, but I think you get used to it.

In the settings, you’ll find a button for Opera Turbo. Turn the setting all traffic goes instead through Opera’s server, which retrieves the Web pages and compresses them before they are sent to the mobile. The advantage is that they then maybe decile as much data traffic to load. The downside is that certain page layout is lost and, secondly, that there will be a slight delay before the page is loaded (but it is counterbalanced by the fact that often the page loads so much faster). In practice, I do not think this Setup is so useful. Do you have an Android phone, you are still in practice dependent on a subscription with unlimited data traffic. If, however, you would need to surf abroad and cannot find a wlan can be good to have.

But what is it that makes me think that Opera Mobile is so good? It is fast. Incredibly fast and significantly faster than any other browser in this test. The speed can be seen on all the way, when you scroll, when zooming, and you can start reading the text on the page while the images are still loading. Normally I would interfere with me on that one cannot choose zoomed in close as the default mode, but when everything goes like this quickly, it’s really no problem.

I await with interest the finished version, which might even get Flash which is not unbearably slow? Who knows?

Plus: Super fast

Minus: No tabs, no flash

Opera Mini

Version: 5.1

Price: Free

Opera Mini is Opera’s lean browser for systems with weak internet connections. The feature called Opera Turbo in Opera Mobile here is standard and cannot opt out. That in itself is enough to make Opera Mini will go away now that Opera Mobile is in a well-functioning beta. Otherwise, Opera Mini is even faster than Opera Mobile.

Opera Link feature to sync bookmarks, see here also, but otherwise Opera Mini a bit more pared down. Flash does not work with Opera’s compression technology, there are only two zoom modes in Opera Mini, so even if you can “knipzooma” the effect will be the same as when you double-tap. The text lines are broken after the screen when zooming. Management of open Windows is roughly equivalent with your default Web browser.

If you do not have acute memory or very weak processor in your Android phone, there is no reason that I can see to choose Opera Mini in front of Opera Mobile.

Plus: Super fast

Minus: only compressed pages, no flash, no tabs


Version: 3.0.1

Price: Free


Skyfire was an alternative browser for Android, but since then, competition has intensified considerably. Skyfire does however have a couple of ACEs up his sleeve.

One thing I appreciate is that, for example standardzoomläget is zoomed in close (you can choose for yourself if you prefer otherwise). Double-tap to zoom out or in broken lines after the width of the screen but if you knipzoomar must first double-tap to break the lines. You can also choose the zoom level as default.

Menus and address bar disappear nicely if you scroll down on the page, or press the menu button, a good way to handle full-screen mode on. However, the management of the open window is not better than in your default Web browser. Skyfire also feels slightly slower than the default browser.

To profile itself is Skyfire, among other things, focused on integration with social services. A Facebook button is at the bottom that opens a pop- up window with Facebook. I don’t see that it adds much compared to a bookmark with Facebook. Button Fireplace collects status updates from multiple social services, which then mostly gets a replay on Facebook button. Buttons Popular and Ideas I do not understand the point of, but like-button that allows you to like something in Facebook just by tapping on it’s right clever.

The best of Skyfire, I find, however, is video support. Sure, the built-in flash is located here, and as in all other mobile browsers can impossibly slow to play embedded clips. But in the menu bar at the bottom is a video button, and it identifies the embedded video on this page and open it in a separate video player that works much better. Too bad it only finds the first video if there is more than one on the same page.

Plus: video support, flash

Minus: No tabs, small slow

UC Browser

Version: 7.2

Price: Free

UC Browser is a mobile Web browser is a little East Asia’s response to the Norwegian Opera. In the same way as in the Opera, there is a data compression mode where the page kompriomeras on before tages server before it is sent to the mobile. The compression is done, however, not nearly as nice as with Opera Turbo, the page layout kvaddas often, and as I wrote with Opera is this anyway not the world’s most essential function on your Android phone.

Do you turn off the compression, you have a browser that does not make a fool of himself, or stand out in particular. Window management looks much like in your default Web browser. UC has an efficient full-screen mode. Flash exists, but you cannot select Flash on demand, so many Web pages will be tough. Default Zoom Mode are fairly good and text lines are broken after the screen size, but the browser has no pinch-to-zoom.

Plus: good standard zoom, flash

Minus: No pinch-to-zoom, no tabs

Xscope Browser

Version: 6.38

Price: Free, paid version with slightly more benefits for a dollar

Yet another Web browser, you never heard of before, in addition to the paid version, it can really be of interest? Yes actually. Not to Xscope has some cool special features, but because it is the only browser that doesn’t make a fool of himself at any point.

To zoom, for example. The default is zoomed in close, which I like. Don’t you with, you can choose yourself how check-in or zoomed out a newly opened page should be. You can open multiple Web pages in tabs that you can browse at the top, but press the menu button, you can switch to full-screen mode. Hold the menu button brings up page options like sharing a link via Facebook, or other media.

Zoom lets you do with ache or double knock. Ache does not break lines, but the double-tap to zoom a little based on your current zoom position and then break text lines after the screen width. A little odd, but it works.

Flash is, of course, the setting is on demand. In General, you can set very much in Xscope, what happens if you keep the various menu buttons for a long time, for example. Or browser theme, but it’s not so interesting when you want it to work in full-screen mode most of the time. XScope is also fairly fast, by default the reader or slightly faster. Like all other browsers laggy it with the flash turned on.

Plus: flash, real tabs, great configuration possibilities, exploits screen good

Minus: Nothing in particular


It is not possible to drive a single winner in this test. Most of the browsers has both advantages and disadvantages, but a few stand out.

I have run the Acid Test on all browsers, and most get very similar results with some rendering error on Test 2 and 93/100 in Test 3. Stand out making Firefox with 97/100 and Opera with 99/100 on the Acid 3 Test.

Do you think that the default browser is basically good, but would like to have a more convenient way to switch between open Windows and get rid of zoom for each new page you open is Xscope a great round alternative.

Do you want extra everything with as many features as possible, and you have a top model like the Desire HD or do not care if it runs a little slower is Dolphin HD the obvious choice.

Do you want to experience what a difference it makes to surf with a mobile Web browser that is fast in real life, you should install Opera Mobile.


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