Women Love Apple, Men Love Android

“Opperhoof” on today’s blog post is the conclusion of a study on the two most popular smart phones.

Women love Apple, men love Android

Women love Apple, men love Android

KS Mobile have sponsored research, which showed that 33 percent of men prefer Android (Samsung specifically), and 29 percent Apple iOS. On the other hand choose 31 percent of women and only 23 percent iPhone, Android.

There are two brands that dominate the list – Apple and Samsung, but 25 percent of respondents do not have a favorite brand – 27.3 percent of men and 23.7 percent of women. 3 percent and 2 percent prefer to select Nokia Blackberry, while a percentage of users choose Microsoft. You will see more brands of watch phones on http://www.wholesaleably.com/online/watch-phones/

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