Chatroulette Has 12% of Perverts and 1% Perverts

Not only pianists endowed with the gift of improvising is formed Chatroulette users body. Robert J. Moore, CEO of RJMetrics, presented in apost as a guest of TechCrunch the results of the research that his company held on the demographics of Chatroulette, and, briefly, it is concluded that the service has many men, many Americans and one … good number of perverts!

Some highlights from the survey:

  • 72% of users are men alone and 4% is a group of men;
  • 9% are single women, and 2% is a group of women;
  • 11% of chats are without any person appearing in the video ( ie, it is more likely you talk to an empty chair than with a woman alone! );
  • About 70% of the participants have between 20 and 30 years;
  • 47% are in the US, the second is from France (15%) and Brazil is not mentioned on the survey;

Now a moment to talk of Perverts. As would be no surprise in a service in which people are randomly placed in a chat audio and video with a stranger (which can sometimes be quite strange even), there is a good amount of inappropriate material on Chatroulette. For research, perverts were considered all those who appeared to not be dressed, showing explicit nudity or seemed to be making … errr … “improprieties”, so to speak…

The total perverts was 13% of the participants of Chatroulette, that is, about one in eight chats in which you are to stop have something inappropriate on the small screen. And these pervetidos all, only 8% are women, which, combined with the participation of women in the service, means that less than 1% of total users are perverted women. That is, give up boys are twice as likely (between 1% and 2%) find a picture asking for female nudity (as the picture above) than actually see a naked woman on Chatroulette.