Chesskin USB Universal Power Bank-11200 mAh

This product was featured in our last newsletter and it created a great deal of interest. That’s why we certain us to talk a little about it today.

Chesskin USB Power Bank

Chesskin USB Universal charger is a very handy product that can be used with almost all phone models and tablets. It has two charging ports and also a LED screen that shows the battery status on the unit, as well as temperature and time, and a flashlight, which helps you in dark surroundings. The battery is a lithium-ion with 11200 mAh that provides enough extra power to all your devices, which can be charged via USB. This charger is protected against high temperatures, be switched automatically from the charger when the temperature comes up to 50 ° c.

Univeral Charger from Chesskin

This product also has a beautiful, modern design. It is available in Brown, yellow, gray and gray/black. Chesskin USB Universal Power Bank measures 115 x 76 x 25.5 mm, its weight is only 260 grams, making it easy to use.

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