China’s Alibaba Launches Smart Watch Based on Apple Watch

The Chinese Alibaba Group, responsible for the e-commerce giant AliExpress, announced this week in partnership with FiiSmart the launch of Pay Watch, a watch smart based on Apple Watch.

Able to run the YunOS, the operating system of Alibaba, the watch is able to do everything that Apple’s device does, with the addition of a feature of online payment through Alipay (Chinese version of PayPal).

The payment system’s closed partnership with large companies present in China, as 7 Eleven, KFC, Pizza Hut, Uni Qlo, Zara, among others. The idea is that the watch to generate a QR code for sellers to perform recovery.

Another strong point of new Pay Watch is in price, costing about 660 R$ against the almost 3,000 of Apple Watch R$. The device has a AMOLED screen of 320 x 320, dual-core processor with 4 GB of storage, Bluetooth, 300mAh battery (which provides 36 hours of regular use with eco mode that comes to 119 hours), magnetic charging and compatibility with Android and iOS.

In addition to the convenience of payment functions of Alipay, the watch still allows access to tickets at Taobao, metereológicoas information and notifications directly from your smartphone, such as calls, SMS, emails, WhatsApp, among others.