CNN Chooses The Best Ten CEOs of The Year; Mindful of The Second Best

Just the year 2014 and as usual this is the season of lists, summaries and rankings that try to put tag to all and to all those who have had some role in all kinds of areas. CNN is no exception to this trend, and it recently announced that for them is the CEO of the year.

That person is Tim Cook, Head of Apple, a company that is turning into gold everything he touches (or almost) and maintaining its privileged position in the technology marketplace. However, the choice of the CEO who has been second according to the jury of CNN is far more interesting: John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry.

The Executive that apparently only would be a few months as interim CEO after the dismissal abandonment of Thorsten Heins, but this Executive to you already gave it back to the tortilla the complicated situation of Sybase is making a company that seemed doomed to disappear to keep certain relevance despite recent setbacks.

During his tenure very important movements as focus have occurred already in the company or the presentation of terminals very faithful to the tradition of BlackBerry such as the Passport and the Classic. The opening of BBM to other platforms and other movements in the business market have done that the actions of BlackBerry grow an astounding 35% this year, and of course Chen seems to have things very clear. We will see if his hits continue for 2015.

PS: The third best CEO of the year, by the way, has been Satya Nadella, Head of Microsoft, which has also made major changes since it took command and has enough points to enter fully into that fight to be the best manager in technology companies in the past 12 months.