Colorful Music Phone without 3 G

Sony Ericsson W610 is a sleek successor to the walkman phone W810i. By Linus Brohult

Music mobiles with the Walkman logo has sold well for Sony Ericsson and it shows that people are reluctant to change too much when the popular models are updated. Most of it is the same in the W610 compared to its predecessors. There is a megapixel camera, rds radio, memory card slot and a good music player. Biggest news is really what has disappeared-nearly a quarter of the mobile phone’s volume. W610 is not extremely thin mobile and does not draw attention to itself as the smallest Samsung phones or Sony Ericsson W880, but it is a welcome development to five millimeters have been planed off jämört with the last generation.

The buttons on the W610 is minimal line in leaden plastic-about the same buttons on the W880. The distance between the figures is okay and it is easy to tell where the thumbs are, but the feeling of pressure is not on W610 is not a favorite mobile to write many long sms message. The trackpad is better. The thin plastic circle that you press first look not so reassuring, but it works really well. It also makes the function buttons-the brilliant play and menu button in the middle of the touch pad as well as the other buttons below the display. Design with three circles around the round buttons is a successful processing of function buttons from W810. The round button on the far left is wearing an orange Walkman logo and a press of the open music player. The player called Walkman Player 2.0 has an interface unadorned, yet contains some fancy effects when switching between different menus. Background in music player is black and there is also a menu theme in the same style if you prefer it above the usual Sony Ericsson icons. It is a breeze to set up playlists and the music have ID3 tags, of course, the player the benefit of those with good search capabilities. It would have been neat if radio was integrated in the music player, but it is a separate program that hidden away in the Entertainment menu. The radio is easy to use and has rds who choose the strongest station and shows the channel name. Both the radio and music player works in the background so you can continue to listen while you read messages or browsing the Web. W610 features the fun and fantastic function TrackID. By the push of a button, you can record a few seconds of music directly from the radio or from the environment via the Mobile’s microphone and TrackID responds with the artist and song title.

Menus in W610i offers no news-it’s the same proven approach that Sony Ericsson has used consistently over a number of years now. The cell phone has a software called JP-7 (Java Platform 7). JP-7 is under Sony Ericsson make it easy for programmers to produce java applications that work in many different phones, but there are also features that you notice that user. An example is the ability to run multiple java applications simultaneously and switch between applications in a smartphone. Many mobiles have better java performance according to our benchmarkprogram, but also omW610i is not the fastest, it has nevertheless a great support for add-ins and multimedia. Java programs can use the mobile as web services, bluetooth, camera and 3D-grafikmotorn Mascot Capsule.

You can call also with W610? The answer is undoubtedly Yes. The cell phone has good call audio-not least as a speakerphone thanks to the generous speaker is hidden behind a grill next to the camera. The included headset also sounds good, but the location of the connector on the side of the phone allows the wireless wonder is a must to be able to use standard jewel cases or carry your phone in a trouser pocket. Call lists are divided into four tabs with dialed, received, missed and all calls and it is enough with a press the right function key to send the number as text messages or save them in the phone book. Even the phone book has tabs, so the list with information about a contact, never becomes unmanageable. Many mobile phone manufacturers have now qvga screens even on simple mobile phones, but Sony Ericsson cling to 176 x 220 pixel for their mellanklassmobiler. Although the W610 is easy to read and great fonts so several competitors ahead of the curve with sharper screens that contain more information.

W610 is equipped with the Access Netfront browser. The lack of 3 g pulls down surfbetyget, but the Web browser is very good and can handle heavy pages that DN or Aftonbladet without mobile experience of memory. NetFront is able to find links to the rss feeds on the Web and move them to your rss reader if you choose to subscribe. Menu for messages are fully stocked. In addition to the mail program and the common inbox for sms and mms are available here rss reader, a Wireless Village client and folders for templates and saved messages. Functions of messages does not contain any outright surprises-it is well designed and, not least important, fast applications that do what they do. The e-mail client is basically identical to the horizons of sms and mms and works with pop3, imap4 and some pushmail-solutions.

The camera is one of the strengths of W610. The resolution is 2 megapixels, but good optics and autofocus can do more image quality than pixel count which W610 is a clear example of. The sharpness is good and W610 takes definitely better pictures than, for instance, Nokia N80 which has more pixels, but it lacks autofocus. Photo button is small, just as the other buttons of the phone, but it’s still pretty easy to press the shutter button halfway to lock focus and recompose the picture. Photo light modulator and do not provide as good a light as xenonblixtarna in Sony Ericsson’s best camera phones, but it can certainly save a few indoor image. A weakness of the camera is the fairly heavy noise reduction-the colors look smeared and exaggerated out if you study the pictures at close range. Any lens cover does not exist, but the camera is covered by a flat plastic disc that’s easy to wipe off any fingerprints from. The camera can also record video, but then the resolution is limited to qcif format, so the quality can’t compete with video phones that Nokia N93 or N95.

At some points, the W610 is pretty mediocre. There are also points where it is really good-especially the music player and camera. A phone that performs well in their parade branches without making a fool of himself when the weaker sides are put to the test.


Nokia 6300 can be an option-it has a quality feel with its metal shell, sharper screen and a good price, but the inferior camera and lacks features such as TrackID and RDS.

Questions and answers

Good enough W610 to more than playing music?

3 g cell phone is missing, not so good for downloading music or other large files and there are, of course, nor does it support video call. However, it has a good autofocus camera with photo light and mirror.

Work accessories from other Walkmanmobiler?

Most of it can be used. W610 can support wireless stereo headphones and have the same connections as the previous Walkman phones. The memory card is of type Memory Stick Micro, so the major duo cards available in several of the earlier models can’t be used.

How far is enough memory card that comes with the cell phone?

The card is on 512 MB and can accommodate about 140 songs in mp3 format.

12 speed

  • Kameraja
  • Email postprogramja
  • Htmlja
  • FM radio with RDSja
  • Music Play Reja
  • Memory card slot Yes
  • Smartphone no
  • 3Gnej
  • Edgeja
  • Turbo-3Gnej
  • W-lan no
  • Bluetooth A2DPja

Fact box


Cell phone GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


93 g


102 x 46 x 14 mm

Talk time

7 hours

Standby time

350 hours

Internet and data features

GPRS, edge, email, wap 2.0, IR-port, bluetooth 2.0, A2DP, SyncML

Connection to pc/mac

Bluetooth, INFRARED and USB.

Voice control



Polyphonic (72 channels) and mp3 ringtones.

Phone book

Up to 1000 entries with multiple fields and photo.


1.31 w/kg


TFD with 176 x 220 pixels and 256000 colors.


Comes with Quadrapop. Supports downloading of Java game.

Camera resolution

2 megapixel

Other features

FM radio, RDS, java MIDP 2.0, T9, mms, email, calendar, media player, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, code memo, voice recorder, calculator, TrackID, remote control with bluetooth


Charger, 512-megabyte memory card, usb cable, stereo headset included. Speakers, ciggladdare, memory cards with different capacities.

Socket for external antenna


Manufacturer’s website

Originally tested price

3000 kr

Java performance

SP Soil test: 2190 points total. Images (PNG) 94p, 3D-games 9.6 FPS, JVM 2126p

Comment: Sony Ericsson W610i, moderate score in java-testing-there are cheaper phones that are doing better on all counts, such as the Nokia 6300.



The browser

The music player


Small buttons with short stroke

Doubts about the placement of the fastport connector

Low resolution screen


Telephony & data6

Multimedia (6)

Systems and applications 7

User experience (7)

Materials & kvalitet7