Come Android N Preview to Non-Nexus Mobile?

Until now, the only way to test the very latest version of Google’s operating system is to have a Nexus device. And if you sign up in the Android Beta program program, the truth is that the process is quite simple.

However, this program is very limited, because it is only available for six devices: 6 nexus, Nexus 5 X, Nexus 6 p, Nexus Player, Nexus 9 and Pixel C. Any other mobile is not supported officially, but that could perhaps change in an undetermined future.

Reddit FUNExtreme user has found the track to analyze the code source of Android N Preview information page. A hidden text intentionally by Google speaks of the support for more devices, including devices OEM.

The text is still there

When a hidden webmaster part of content on a web page, it can usually be two reasons: is saved for later use or someone has changed his idea and don’t you want to show more on the page. But instead of deleting it definitively leave commented, just in case it.

The truth is that the page of developers has more hidden text apart from this. Another hidden paragraph is reserved for Announcing Developer Preview 3 When available, as well as include a shortcut to the notes, discharge and feedback.

In any case, while it is clear that like the designer of this page hide pieces “for later”, we cannot conclude that the piece announcing support for OEM manufacturers will be a reality in the future. All we can say is that the text is still there, hidden. To make it more visible, This is how it would look if it is not commented in the code.

The relevant paragraph, translated into the Spanish:

More supported devices, including those of OEMs.

The text doesn’t seem to have too much sense in terms of its format and location, but we can neither assume nothing from this because to be hidden no one has bothered to make it look nice. Can you try in the future Android N on your Sony, Motorola, HTC or Samsung? Time will tell.