Comes the World’s Most Rugged Mobile Phone from Norway?

Bartec Pixavi, a company based in Stavanger, Norway has launched Impact X, a mobile phone that can compete with the coolest, rugged phones.

Impact X Rugged Mobile Phone

Impact X is a robust Android mobile which withstands everything. It tells Bartec Pixavi, the company that launched, in collaboration with Shell. Pixavi has been in existence since 1999, and specializes in equipment for hazardous areas. But what does it mean in practice?

Map of Norway

Map of Norway

Waterproof Index

Impact X is IP68-certified, which means that it is both dust-and waterproof (can withstand submergence in water, down to 1 to 3 m depth). In addition, can withstand the fall from 2 metres in height, and shock at over 2 joules. Enlightened usage temperature is between-20 and 45 degrees, and the screen works well with gloves and in bright sunlight, claims the company. As if that weren’t enough, the phone is Ex-certified and safe for use in potentially explosive environments.

The strong cell have a 4.6-inch screen, three HD cameras and supports 3 g and Bluetooth, while a 3500 mAH battery provides that it can be used for a long time.

Impact X Rugged Mobile Phone

Orbit X Camera

Pixavi Orbit-X camera

Pixavi has produced a small helmet camera which can be coupled with Impact X and used for video conferences. It has been given the name Orbit X, and is very practical and resistant.

When it comes to the price of the phone, so we’re talking about price class between 18 and 24000 dollars.

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