ComScore Confirms The Strength of Android for End of The Year

Most users ignore the statistics, and it is that they always tend to show the interesting but hiding the vital thing. However, good are numbers, especially for end of the year and see that the Android platform preserves intact its strength.

After reports of the Q3 of 2011 commented that Apple asaltaría much market share for end of the year, since iPhone 4S had not begun to be sold the months preceding the report, although it is finally confirmed that Android continues to grow Despite the rise in sales of Apple following the launch of its smartphone update.

Android has grown in the last quarter a 3.1%, falling close to copy half of the market American. For its part, the rise registered in Cupertino stays at 1.4%, while RIM is maintained with agonizing losses, more than 3%.

Symbian also continues with its particular fall in a market in which their presence is already has only a 1.5% share, while Microsoft has also worsened their numbers with Windows Phone, who loses a 0.5% Despite efforts by Nokia and the Redmond giant.

In terms of manufacturers, Apple is the most successful for end of the year, Since it rises 1.4% helped by the launch of its new iPhone 4S, while other important manufacturers lost sales with the exception of Samsung, climbing 0.3 points at the highest step.