Configuration Tutorial NVR and IP Cameras BSC01345

ONVIF NVR video recorder for IP cameras with up to 8 channels.

Kits Wifi 2 and 4 IP cameras.

By few configurations we can have our equipment running and linked with our IP cameras.

  1. Click on the right mouse button, shows the main menu click on <Settings>.

Setup Menu screen.


Click on <config. System>.

Screen Menu <config. System>



Click on <IPC configuration>.

Display <IPC configuration>



We enable many channels as we go to cameras to register.

We have two ways to add IP cameras:

  1. a) Manually Clicking on <Add IPC>.
  2. b) Using the button <AutoSum>



  1. a) Manually:

Click on <Add IPC> and the following screen appears:



Click on the <refresh> This shows the IP cameras connected to the same network supported by the NVR. Select which we want to add and click <OK>.

  1. B) Automatically add the <AutoSum> button:



The device automatically searches for the cameras and adds to the list of channels.


Once added click on the button edit screen channel <IPC configuration>

And the menu appears with the data from the camera.



We enter user, password, protocol and the same button <OK>.

For the configuration is complete we go out with right button.