Crowdfunding Jewels: Nano Tips, Bumprz and the Dash

We present you the mobile highlights of Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo Startnext every week. Today with the connecting piece between smartphones and DSLR cameras, four corners, which replace an entire iPhone case, a ring for gesture control, a miracle liquid and two ear plugs, which can do almost anything.

Maxstone: The Combination of Smartphone and Camera

Maxstone is a little helper, which makes much easier to use a DSLR or system camera and even some compact models from a Smartphone via Bluetooth and infrared. The associated app supports time lapse recording. The acquisition is worth especially for cameras without own Wi-Fi module. In addition, the dongle warns if you are leave your camera and also acts as a remote for the iPhone. When compared to similar devices of Maxstone with $35 plus $10 is comparatively cheap shipping. A price of around 33 euros in total after the conversion. The campaign runs until February 20, 2014.

Fin: A Ring Turns the Entire Hand in A Gesture Control

Fin is a ring for the thumb, which turns the entire hand into a gesture control and operated various devices from TVs, smartphones to the car via Bluetooth. For $79 plus $20 shipping – currently approximately 73 euro – can you the gesture ring until February 22, 2014 pre-order.

Nano Tips: Each Glove Can Use the Touchscreen

Your favorite gloves there is a touch screen version? With Nano tips, the frustration over this state of affairs the past belongs to. The liquid to turn any gloves into touch screen gloves: can apply, dry and you’re done. 22 February 2014 you can for 22 Canadian dollars (equivalent to about 15 euro) – including worldwide shipping – order. Delivery is to start in February, so you must not wait until the next winter with the use.

Bumprz: Four Corners Protect the iPhone

Bumprz are four round metal corners for the iPhone replace 5 / 5s, a complete case. As the inventor demonstrates pride and several times in videos they protect your Smartphone down from damage. Visually, they are significantly understated as similar robust protective covers. Until March 5, 2014, you can pre-order the Bumprz for $20 plus $15 shipping. The total costs are converted at around 26 euros.

The Dash: In-Ear Jack of All Trades

The dash is a true all-rounder. The two wireless and waterproof Bluetooth headphones play not only music from the Smartphone, but myself have four gigabytes of storage. The built-in microphone ensures that the two earplugs function as a headset. With their sensors measure numerous data and replace the manufacturer according to fitness Tracker, sports watches and pulse devices. Until March 31, 2014, you can still save, the 285 dollars (237 dollars in the limited early bird offer) muster. Equivalent, the dash costs roughly 210 euro.