Cyanogen Confirmed The Closure of Its Services to 31 December

What Cyanogen was not at its best moment It wasn’t any secret. The business of the ROMs is not all the profitable you need the company and a few months ago were forced to make layoffs to continue with your activity.

However, the abandonment of brands such as OnePlus or ZUK hasn’t done them any favors and finally confirmed that is was rumored long ago. In a terse announcement on its official website, Cyanogen confirmed the closure of its services for December 31.

Goodbye, Cyanogen

As part of the consolidation of Cyanogen, all services and nightly builds supported by Cyanogen will no longer have support of December 31, 2016. The project open source and the source code will still be available for those who want to develop CyanogenMod builds personally

With this brief and final release, the company leading the scene of Android development is closed a stage. There will be no new ROMs or not given support to existing ones, but as it could not be otherwise, the source code will still be available so the development community can continue working on it.

It is a sort of return to the origins, and is thus was born Cyanogen, as part of the effort of the community. However, he doesn’t have to be a hard blow for the Android scene. For many users, the ROMs Cyanogen have been the only way to keep their phones updated and with functions that do not have enjoyed only trusting the support that manufacturers give.

We do not know which will be the next step for the company, but there are rumors that would be planning to move on to the development of apps, perhaps that they referred to with the phrase headed by the statement that talks about “the consolidation of Cyanogen”. What is clear is that, in a few days, Cyanogen as we know it will be thing of the past.