Cyanogen Inc. Could Fail to Support The Development of 14 CyanogenMod

Cyanogen Inc. is not at its best, and that is something that, from the abandonment of the first two manufacturers of your operating system (CyanogenOS) is quite clear, without having that support this operating system is not exactly you have with your ROM, CyanogenMod.

Already a couple of months ago Cyanogen Inc. fired 20% of its workforce, to speculate by many means that the company would focus on applications. Shortly after Steve Kondik, one of the co-founders of CyanogenMod, said that that was false, Cyanogen Inc. would continue funding the development of the ROM and taking an active role, but in a thread for CyanogenMod forum gives to understand otherwise.

In this thread states that Cyanogen Inc would have very little involvement, if it is to come to have any, in the development of CyanogenMod, and that he himself is doing things to make the project go ahead. I.e. that somehow CyanogenMod would be disengaged from the company and the development of the ROM could return to the hands of the developer community.

What consequences could this ‘separation’ have?

If you confirm these latest Steve Kondik statements made in a forum thread for CyanogenMod which, by the way, contradict with those made around one month ago, It could be a blow to the development of the future CyanogenMod ROM 14, not being canceled, of course, but being delayed.

The strike is quite hard to those who are supporters of CyanogenMod ROM, because they will be waiting for as water may CM14, based on Android 7.0 Nougat. It is true some very fortunate devices can already run a version, still very unstable, CM14, but we must bear in mind that this ROM is popular in many different models.

Flashing-lovers may have to wait a little longer to enjoy CM14, and we do not know to what extent can be “damaging” sort of departure from Cyanogen Inc. project, which is CyanogenMod, But what is clear is that it will continue and will have the support of its co-founder Steve Kondik.

We do not know if at some point there will be a rupture between CM and Cyanogen Inc. complete, if the latter will disappear or not will really have an impact beyond delay CM14 be available on all devices wishing to put this ROM. We will have to wait to know the answer. What consequences do you have this measure by Cyanogen Inc.?