D-Link USB 3.0 Hub 4 Port

4-Port Hub DUB-1340, USB 3.0, D-LINK

Legal guarantee of conformity: 2 years

The DUB-1340 4 Port USB 3.0 hub connects the new generation of USB 3.0 devices (such as printers, camcorders and USB hard drives) and your computer to an unmatched speed. It has its own power source to provide power to the various USB peripherals attached to it and offers backward compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0 standards.

SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 Concentrator

The D-Link DUB-1340 system conforms to the new USB 3.0 standard, which allows up to 4.8 Gbps throughput. This speed is 10 times higher than the current USB 2.0 standard and allows you to transfer a high definition movie in about 70 seconds or 100 images in 1 second.

Compatible with all USB standards

The DUB-1340 USB hub works with any USB device and offers backward compatibility with USB 1.0 and 2.0 standards. It is also compatible with OHCI (Open Host Controller Interface) and Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI).

Operation without power supply / with integrated power source

This 4-port USB 3.0 hub can provide power to USB peripherals connected to it (eg USB hard drives) thanks to the built-in power source. This is not necessary when the devices connected to the hub do not need to be powered from the USB port. This feature gives the DUB-1340 its true size as a portable solution.

A solution that keeps pace with your needs

The DUB-1340 hub can be cascaded to provide additional USB 3.0 ports. A serial configuration can accommodate up to 42 hubs for a total of 127 available ports.

Universal solution

The DUB-1340 hub works with any type of Windows, Mac or Linux system. Your computer will detect the USB hub and install the drivers automatically, thus avoiding having to transport the drivers to a CD or key.

Data sheet Hub USB 3.0, 4 ports, D-Link


  • 4 USB ports (female) Type A (downstream)
  • 1 USB (female) port of type Micro-B (ascending direction)


  • USB specification version 3.0
  • USB specification version 2.0
  • USB specification version 1.1
  • USB specification version 1.0
  • OHCI (Open Host Controller Interface)
  • Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI)

Data rates

  • SuperSpeed: 4.8 Gbps
  • High speed: 480 Mbps
  • Full speed: 12 Mbps
  • Low bandwidth: 1.5 Mbps


  • Up to 127 devices with cascaded configuration of multiple hubs

Required configuration

  • Available USB port


  • External power adapter 5 V / 4 A

Power Supply

  • 900 mA per port maximum (with external power adapter)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

  • 45 x 97.97 x 20.27 mm (2.9 x 3.9 x 0.8 inches)


  • 60 grams

Operating temperature

  • 0 to 40 ° C (32 to 40 ° C)

Storage Temperature

  • -20 to 50 ° C (-4 to 122 ° F)

Operating Humidity

  • From 0 to 80% (non-condensing)

What’s in the Box

  • D-Link SuperSpeed ​​4-Port USB 3.0 Hub
  • AC adapter
  • USB 3.0 cable


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