Dallas Might Be The Next Blackberry, and Has Already Gone through The FCC

All electronic devices must undergo certification agencies finally hitting the market. And, in some cases, the information is filtered prior to the launch, as it has been demonstrated on many occasions. The latter case is the of the BlackBerry ‘dalla’, What could be the next Blackberry phone.

A terminal that had already been in the respective bodies of certification of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, now passes by the U.S. FCC. Codename RHR191LW (SQW100-4), the Agency has not released images or features if not only multiple technical tests required to obtain the approval of the authorities, and thus reach the market.

One of the alleged images of ‘Dallas’ filtered that allow us to see the resemblance to the Blackberry Passport

However, it is said that Dallas could be a new generation of Blackberry Passport screen square of 4.5 inches and 1440 x 1440 pixel resolution, and the physical keyboard that for so many years has characterized the Canadian company phones. When we look at the Passport more than half year ago and we came to the conclusion that has room for improvement both in hardware (details such as comfort or keyboard) (this Blackberry 10 software that fails to attract the public against other alternatives on the market).

We do not know if this BlackBerry Dallas It will be a terminal also proposed to the high-end phone segment – 500, 600 euros – or if the manufacturer recapacitará and limited features to offer it as a cheaper phone. Let us also remember that Blackberry is still there and plan to grow in relation to the financial results, but to do this they have to apply some changes in its strategy. With Dallas, it is clear, however, that they will not leave the phones in the short term.