Devil Definion 3 in the Test

Boxing specialist Devil fitted his new Definion of 3 with a structurally complex coaxial system and garnished this tidbit with three potent woofers. The combination of sounds in the test remarkably alive and space exactly.

Good and expensive many manufacturers dominate, but the true art mean maximum listening fun at socially acceptable costs. The Berlin audio specialist devil, which sends out a commitment to the importance of the round beam behavior with his Definion 3, especially as much sound potential in this subject field is regarded as particularly successful in this regard.


Hell is the Definion of 3 on an elaborately constructed coaxial system, in which there due to their design no solid angle-dependent way differences so that MIDs and highs, important for dynamic and imaging, always at the same time when the listener arrive. With separate drivers, this statement applies only to a narrow angle zone or a small part of the total energy.

Therefore, the developer must also not big trick with crossover networks around and can leave it at a moderately complex network. However, coaxial systems have their problems, are demanding in design and manufacture, also because the closely interrelated oscillation systems like mutually spit in the soup. To prevent this, the driver has a flat running diaphragm for the mid-range frequencies. So no unwanted Cone, especially not one with level-dependent geometry is created.

The signal of the central dome tweeter with low-resonance textile membrane is not distorted this by other frequency ranges. The bass Department of the Definion of 3 is equipped with three parallel-wired chassis, whose ultra stiff carbon fibre membranes do not bend even under brutal bass impulses.

Booming was the strikingly precise bass range of the Definion of 3 foreign and even ludicrously fast pulse trains remained neatly separated in the listening test. At all gave themselves to recognize hell as master of accuracy, impressed with a homogeneous integration of all areas, so that no band covered the other. In all transparency, she remained free of exaggerations, sounded already quietly very sensitively and excelled with a superbly complex stage figure. Exactly what connoisseurs of a good coax expect.


The abandonment of expensive and exotic materials such as complicated crossover has harmed in any way the Definion 3 out of hell. The column shows when the distortion upwards air, but it sounds very vital and well balanced. The spatiality is pronounced, the detail is high; It’s very pleasant listening. So much unity and powerful sound is rare in this class.