Dianne Hackborn Defends a Google Front Attacks to Android

We have already mentioned once that rage lately criticism of Google in his plan for more closed Android. Some components of AOSP are very stagnant and instead Google takes their own not open apps that make Android without Google very complicated. Just that explained Ars Technica when a comment from an employee of Google, Dianne Hackborn, put upside down throughout the article.

Dianne Hackborn works on Google and right on the part of the Android Framework, so we can consider the very relevant comment (although interested). In this commentary is a wishful thinking of AOSP, of the free Android, defense and says that no evil plan there is in what Google does closing applications.

The reason why Google closes applications is simply because you want to supplement them with their cloud services and this can not be done for free. But Android infrastructure allows you to add third-party cloud services and the really complicated is to give that added value, not to add applications that improve AOSP.

The debate is very interesting and if you domináis English is worth reading it. Criticisms of Google by the course that you are taking Android are becoming most played and it is the first time that we see a such categorical defense by a Google employee.