DigiBit Aria in the Test

Who wants to digitize his CD collection, takes time, patience, nerve – or simply the server of music aria by DigiBit. He rips, saves and syncs in the test in particular classical music albums with exceptional intelligence.

Even the man is. Because classical music lovers and Highender Juan Jose Perez’s sick had to encounter, the meta tag limits the CD databases while ripping his huge collection of classical music he created one yourself. The extensive plant, which provides up to twelve additional features for a single CD apart from the usual five standard information genre, album name, artist, track name, and year of publication, became known as Sonata DB quickly and especially for classical music fans. Composer, conductor, solo artist, music period, or even individual instruments belong to the so helpful such as exotic tags that help with sorting and characteristic of classical albums.

Digitization for classical music lovers

Because Juan Jose Perez is not just music fan, but also an experienced entrepreneur, he devised equally profitable ways to make ripping itself easier. In the Sonata music server, he bundled a package of services for the correct reading, tagging and archiving music CDs on the basis of JRiver Media Center esteemed experts in. only problem: as the customer on the computer must sit as well as fresh music data somehow get to play on the stereo. Both an inexhaustible source of potential problems.

These are now with Perez latest prank, the music Server ARIA, be final by the table. He offers the demanding music lover – and in particular classical music lovers – the all-round carefree package in the classic HiFi – guard measure by 43 centimeters, but nevertheless with music store exceptional occurring design touch (designed by the Spanish Designbüro Ochoa & Díaz Llanos).

Computer, drive and connectors

He combines the computer perfectly tuned for automatic ripping with drive and software, the optional one, two or four terabyte memory for music data, online access to the metabase, and optionally a number of digital outputs for connection to external converter or an integrated DAC Board by Italian converter specialist Manunta (better known under the former name M2Tech).

The proud owner must insert only the CD yourself, everything else done the ARIA invisible, and given the established AccurateRip method amazingly quickly themselves. For the moment the server spits out again the CD after successful reading, then you can proceed immediately with the next disc, while one astonished examined the new entry in the media archives on the free app “iaria” on the iPad.

Yes, Apple opponents and Wi-FI objectors must be strong, at the moment there is the user interface for the ARIA actually only for the iOS tablet. But already working on an Android version and who need to go, can login via remote desktop or other software tools directly on the Windows Home Server operating system used. However, is it possible to confuse the perfect running RIP automatic first and second missed the impressive sovereign and thoughtful user interface of the app.

Metadata enter or change works just as easily swipe like navigating through the beautifully prepared media archive with freely scalable artwork. In addition to the usual features such as album name, or artist, the app even after more exotic aspects such as instrument or conductor, sampling rates and what is the Sonata database else sorted.

More sources for the media archive

In addition, information of the free online service last.FM to any tagged artists can be accessed. This applies not only to yourself ripped CDs – also music from other network drives and USB storage devices can record the aria in his media archive. Either by completely copies the required data or indexes only the reference to the actual disk space.

By the latter variant of ARIA ruled large music data of AUDIO network storage including metadata and album art in no time also that nearly a terabyte. As a pure-bred server but also itself be a NAS and even multi-room features such as simultaneous streaming to multiple clients in the network (keyword: party mode) belong to his talents.

Dynamic playlists

The secret stars while listening to music with the ARIA but are the dynamic playlists. One can be found here so practical and unfortunately too rarely implemented sorting functions such as “recently added”, on the other hand you can rediscover also wonderfully ancient treasures of music thanks to this smart lists.

The option “100 titles”, for example, dynamically creates a playlist of 100 randomly selected titles from all albums – a smart idea to recreate the shuffle mode painfully missing often in streaming. The “play doctor”, however, is as a result of the currently listened song even a selection of appropriate additional tracks at random from the media archive – and fish almost forgotten pearls of music out sometimes.

Who met an old favorite track already times abruptly after a perceived eternity and wide grinning listened to this, will appreciate certainly the function.

The ARIA as Vorvertstärker

The ARIA can be used directly as a volume-regulatory preamplifier. However, a remote with volume control, or at least a mute button on the device would be advantageous, should the iPad quickly be cannot be found (or be misused for non-audiophile purposes). This remains but the only point of criticism, otherwise there are in operation and function to complain about anything – and the question of G (can he indeed gapless?) answered the music server with a big Yes.


Sonically, the Spaniards built large, deep stage without somehow dilute the intensity, contour sharpness and accessibility of care instruments. Pitches and rhythms he followed with noticeable pleasure, grabbed the phone formally at the collar and pulled him into the music. His mixture of enthusiasm, intelligence and user guidance make it the hot tip!


You can say it often enough: the quality of a music Server stands or falls with its intelligence. At the ARIA everything is exactly so, how one imagines it: automatic, accurate ribs; a comprehensive database and a really successful app with which excellent controlling this Brainiac. All in a beautiful, solid, fan-free enclosure housed – Bravo!