Do You Change Your IPhone 6 If BlackBerry Tea 550 Dollars to Buy a Passport?

Would you change your iPhone 6 $550 to buy a BlackBerry Passport? BlackBerry believes that Yes and in fact it is offering this amount of money to those who accept the change. The promotion is limited, and that Yes, it is only available in United States and Canada for customers who buy its new terminal square official website or on

Although in this offer they do not include the possibility of making the change with other phones Android or Windows Phone, that allow use oldest iPhone. For example, BlackBerry offers 240 dollars for iPhone 4S and quantity Ascend up to 385 dollars iPhone 5S. That, to achieve these figures must be mobile in good condition.

Interestingly, in February of this year happened something similar but in reverse: T-Mobile made special offers to customers who wanted to make the leap from BlackBerry to iPhone. Canadians was so angry with the operator and they labelled the “improper” campaign.

BlackBerry Exchange program is not new and is available in European countries such as Germany or the United Kingdom, but so far only accepted other phones of its own brand. Know what if this same promotion will reach these countries at some point, but we know that it will be active from December 1 this year until February 13 2015. Will they get that many dare to make the change?