Do You Wait for The Official Upgrade to Have 4.4 or Bet by The ROMs? Engadget Android Questions

Very recently that it has unveiled officially Android 4.4 and released the code so that all interested parties could use it in their own way, whether optimizing applications or developing ROMs. There has also been some manufacturers like Sony that have intentions of your upgrade plan.

However, in many cases it is preferable to attend ROMs made by the community to be able to update the terminal, either because they have it before, have not yet official functions or because they are not updated. So the question this week is

You wait for the official upgrade to 4.4 or bet by the ROMs?

The question of the week

Last week was big news, among whom highlight the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4. The question was almost obligatory, and I asked for your views on the news, and the most voted comments of this week has been that of asturtorque, which provides a very concise answer

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