EA Producer Buying Games for Facebook

The producer of games Electronic Arts, which you’ve probably heard there because of titles such as FIFA Soccer, Spore, The Sims, Need For Speed, Battlefield and Medal of Honor, among others, announced Monday the purchase of Playfish, company games social for Facebook, iPhone and iGoogle for the paltry sum of $ 400 million.

According to the site Silicon Alley Insider Playfish is the second largest producer of games for social network Mark Zuckerberg

and to date it earned $ 75 million this year. One of the secrets to its success is the sale of ads in games and the ability to allow players to spend some change – in cash truth – to enhance the capabilities of their characters in their games which include Country Story, Pet Society, and Restaurant City.

The offer is likely to silence many critical segment of social games, which last came to say that this is a business that offers a product that “nobody wants to buy.” Zynga, the largest company of the “segment” and responsible for MafiaWars and Contry Ville hopes to raise $ 250 million this year alone with their titles.

Not bad, huh?