Elon Musk and Google will Collaborate – Here is Why

Musk plans to produce masses of SpaceX satellites – and Google wants to help him. Find out why.

Ceo of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, and Google will probably co-operate to launch approximately 700 small satellites, which will provide access to cheap internet worldwide – and it may mean a new chance for billions of people in developing countries, as not before have had no internet connection.

Google will invest $ 1,000,000,000 in Elon Musks idea?

Although the Elon Musks idea sounds great, it is expensive to implement it (as you can probably guess ). Why is Google with …

According to several sources , Google will invest $ 1 billion in this project. And it is not a surprise, although it is known that Google is working with Project Loon – a project which aims to use balloons to deliver å high-speed internet access.

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