Emporia Life: Well Thought out Low Budget for Retirees

Emporia Life promises a phone customized for retirees. Basically keeps the phone also what it promises.

It’s a hefty chunk to get in your hand. The buttons and the monochrome screen is unlike anything we’ve seen in the last five years. But it is also a phone with a very different audience than virtually all other mobile phones. Emporia Life is a phone that claims to be specially designed for the elderly, and that it is big, then, is rather to be regarded as an advantage. This is a phone that needs to be assessed on its own premises.

Despite, or perhaps because of the size, it is a phone that is well in hand, both the folded and unfolded. You can imagine that it is much nicer to stay in for a patients with rheumatoid arthritis than a Sony Ericsson W880. The buttons are also generously, with large numbers of the skumögde. I would even go so far as to claim that the phone is right nice.

Emporia belongs not just to the major mobile manufacturers, and it shows on the material, which has definite low budget character. The phone feels plasticky in ways that bring to mind the remotes from the 1980s rather than modern cell phones. Emporia Life is push model, and you get the feeling that any piece of plastic can easily be broken by too much use. In addition, there is a number of phone keys sitting on top, and it’s pretty easy to press them by accident when to open and close the phone.

On the other hand, mainly calling their near and dear ones, you don’t need to open your phone very often. Controllers main view on the screen when the phone is closed, the phone book, so you only have to scroll with the arrow keys to select the number you want to call someone in the phone book. A nice way to make the phone easier to use for those who think the technique is complicated.

This adaptation is further enhanced by one of the more innovative special features to put into the Emporia Life. The phone book can be programmed remotely by SMS. With the right text in a text message to the phone, a phone record is added or modified as needed. The idea is that the relatives when they switch phone number just to be able to send a text message, so do not need Grandpa fuss with settings. It is well conceived and well implemented.

The screen, Yes. Also it feels like a time warp backwards. It is a monochrome LCD screen with orange backlighting. Emporia says you chose black on orange because it provides maximum read contrast. It is certainly true for the standard LCD screens, but a color screen with a white background and black text had given even better contrast. Rather, it is a low budget solution to the design. The monochrome screen, on the other hand, helps to give this phone good battery life.

The text on the screen is fairly large and easy to read for the skumögde, but could well have been even greater, at least in the phone book mode. This displays both the name and phone number for each entry, which feels wrong meant when you added the feature to the user should not have to worry about the phone number.

This is a phone that is deliberately designed to be lacking features, this to be as easy to use as possible. Emporia Life thus has no camera, no music player, no 3 g, no MMS, no Internet, no java This is a phone for calling and texting. Both of these functions pass the fully satisfactory.

The phone lacks, however, is not completely extras. Alarm clock, as well as calculator. Another nice feature is the ability to add people’s birthdays for reminder alarms. There is a ficklampsfunktion, but the light from diodlampan is probably a little too weak to be of any greater joy.

There is a feature called “my menu” where you can choose yourself which extras that should be easily available to the user, maybe something for the grandchildren to set, for preferences are easier to save among than on any other mobile phone. Here, I think you missed an opportunity to make your phone even more custom for your audience, perhaps with a system of guides for Setup?

The phone comes with battery and charger as usual, but it can also be run on standard disposable AAA batteries that you can buy in the grocery store. I’m not really sure how this is a pensioner’s adaptation (perhaps expected older conservative prefer disposable batteries?), but it is a good solution to the problem of what to do if you forgot to charge your phone.

The most important special function, and one of the manufacturer’s main selling point for the phone, however, the emergency alarm. It is a large red button on the back of the phone. If you press and hold the activated nödsekvensen.

During the nödsekvensen activated the phone’s speaker mode, and the phone rings in turn up five preset phone number. No answer on the first ring the phone up the other, and so on. The phone can function as a security alarm. Emergency alarm feature means some configuration, but all in all, it feels like a very good feature.

My two main objections to the Emporia Life hangs pretty much together. The phone feels clearly low budget. It is plasticky and feels fragile, at least in its open position. Nevertheless, it is not entirely cheap. The Swedish retailer Seniofon take 2 500 SEK including VAT for the phone. It is conceivable, then it probably is produced in much smaller Edition than the big manufacturers ‘ phones, but it is still a factor to consider in the purchase decision.

But it is a pity that complain about Emporia Life is properly conceived and largely correct. Phone deserves a sales success, followed by sequels and competitors.

The facts: Type: GSM-mobile phone with dualband

Weight: 155 grams

Dimensions: 112 x 55 x 26 mm

Talk time: 3 hrs

Standby time: 200 hours

Internet & datafunktioner: no

Connection to PC/mac: no

Voice Control: No

Memory: no information

Ringtones: Polyphonic

Phone book: 200 entries. A number by mail.

SAR value: 0.37 w/Kg

Screen: 2.7 inch large FSTN Monochrome, 128 x 160 pixels

Games: No

Camera: No

Other features: Programmable emergency alarm, flashlight, address book updatable via SMS, calculator, alarm, birthday reminder, the option to use standard AAA batteries, speaker function.

Accessories: Charger

Socket for external antenna: no

Manufacturer’s website: URwww.mediaemporia.biz … />

Price: SEK 2 500

12 quick:





Speaker Phone: X

3 g:

Music player:

Memory card slot:

Fm Radio:

Emergency: X



Review & Rating

Performance (thumb up):

SP Soil Test: your phone does not have Java and can not run the benchmark.

Comment: the phone feels fast enough for the features it has.

Battery life/talk time (thumb up):

Manufacturer: 3 hrs

Battery talk time: 5 hrs 48 min

Comment: Surpasses both the manufacturer and our expectations. The phone seems to be hacked a bit when the battery is approaching the lowest level. We have just tested the batteries with the supplied battery, not solve the AAA batteries.

Battery test: with the included battery.

Questions & answers

Can you connect a headset to the phone?

No, but there is a speaker function with good volume. Worth also pointing out, for those who want to use the headset for the sake of radiation, the cell phone has unusually low SAR value.

I hear a little bad, you can get good volume on your phone?

There is a volume control, and you can pull up the sound. Oroae you for the ringtones, they can wake the dead.

It is not easy to access the alarm button by mistake?

No, not particularly. First, it sits flush right deep in the back. First, you have to hold the button for a while to nödsekvensen. If nödsekvensen still would go off by mistake, you will notice it, believe me, and it’s easy to cancel it.

Options: there are no real options: Doro Handleplus 324 GSM is a phone with even more limited functionality, but it is more to be seen as a handicap accessibility. If the emergency alarm and large buttons are not important and you are just looking for a simple phone for calling and texting is Motorola C139, Nokia 2300 or Sony Ericsson J100 cheaper options.


Emergency alarm

Big buttons




Test pattern: are you kidding?


Telephony & data: *

Multimedia: *

Systems and applications: *

User experience: 7

Materials & quality: 5

Overall rating: 60%

* These categories has not been rated, then the according to our grade criteria would give the phone a misleading low score. To give the phone high scores in these categories would, on the other hand, give problems when compared to other phones.